You will need
  • - a magnifying glass.
Before purchasing jewelry made of gold , try to determine the quality of the material visually. In jewelry use is not pure gold, but alloys with other metals. Included in gold ornaments impurities give the products appropriate shades. It is known that cobalt color gold red. Nickel, platinum and palladium contribute to the appearance of white shade, copper – yellow. Located at the peak of the popularity of gold jewelry rose color are made of alloy of gold, silver, copper and zinc. The fashionable and extravagant jewelry black gold is an alloy of gold, chromium and cobalt.
Armed with a basic magnifying glass, look on the back side of the high-quality gold decoration of the state assay brand. His imprint can be both combined and separate. In the first case, in one frame combined print head girls in kokoshnik and the digital sign sample, for example, 585 (means 1 gram of the metal is 58.5% of pure gold). Moreover, to the left of the female head, turned to the right, you will see under a magnifying glass letter. She is assigned to the territorial state inspection, branded jewelry product of gold.
If you want to buy, such as earrings, you will find a separate hallmark. On one part of the product will show off the profile of the lady in the headdress, and on the other side – the digital sign sample. Recall that in the Soviet times, hallmark has served a five-pointed star with the symbols of the epoch - a sickle and a hammer. Both Russian and imported products from gold, which are sold in our country, be sure to look for a purity mark.
Also, you're considering gold jewelry, in addition to the assay mark, find a printed list of names of the manufacturer. Here the first digit is the year of the marking of the product, the letter after the number indicates the cipher of gosinspekcii, and the remaining 2-3 letters – encoded name of the manufacturer. As you can see, quality gold will talk about themselves without reserve the information you need.
View information about jewelry and its manufacturer for a sealed label. Professionals determine the quality of gold by the method of cupellation, the method of assay stone or drip. However, the use of these methods may entail a violation of the surface layer of jewelry that the average buyer is unacceptable.