Breakdown of the metric called percentage of gold and alloy. For example, gold alloy 583 means that in one kilogram of the alloy is present in 583 g of the precious metal. If a piece of jewelry weighs 10 grams, the gold in it of 5.83 g. for the precious metal pay money at a pawn shop and an antique shop, not including the weight of the alloy.
It is easy to guess what it means the sample of gold 375 (37.5% of the precious metal), 500 (50/50), 750 (75%) etc Gold of the highest 999.9 not used to make jewelry. Such a metal is used in rocket science, with the creation of nuclear reactors and supersonic aircraft. Gold sealed seams and knots, making them airtight. You can guess that the use of gold is one of the reasons for the high cost of such production.
It is impossible to clearly say which kind of gold is the best. The composition of the alloy depends on the type of work. For example, 750-I test is used for products with fine carvings and frames for fragile gems. But the 958-th alloy is generally not in demand because of their low strength. Sometimes it is used to produce uniform smooth products, such as classic engagement rings.
The most popular is gold alloy 583. Why choose to make rings, earrings and chains not made of pure metal and alloy? Apart from the fact that it is quite expensive, so still profitable for the reason that gold is too soft metal, and without strengthening the alloy will rapidly deteriorate.
The gold color is due to a particular metal added to the alloy. For obtaining pure gold in the precious metal added to the copper. With Nickel and palladium to get the white gold. And the greenish tint of the metal is explained by the presence in the alloy of silver.
In addition to the usual metric tests, there is also a carat, slide and lot. Popular 583-I test corresponds to the 14th CT and 56th Zolotnik. Pure metal (999,9 fineness) is marked with a 24 carat, 96 th, spools, and 16 lots. These systems are used in Europe and America.
In the Russian Federation all the jewelry produced legally, have a combined or separate trial. In the first case the product in one place put a female head in kokoshnik with a digital sign to the left of master prints from which the initial letter of the territorial state where there was a stain. In the separation method of marking the image of the woman is in one part of the product, and the number of samples in the other.