After some time, will clear the lungs after quitting Smoking

After quitting Smoking the body begins to purify from the combustion products of tobacco. From the blood these substances go through a two or three days. Twelve hours of the body will begin to be output carbon monoxide, this will be followed by a feeling of lack of air. Two days later it will become a more acute sense of smell and taste sensitivity. After twelve weeks will improve the function of the circulatory system, it will be easier to walk and run. After three to nine months to disappear cough, shortness of breath. If a person smokes a long time, cleanse the lungs need to wait more than a year.

Well help cleanse the lungs swimming, aerobics.

To help easy to recover, should at first withdraw from them phlegm and mucus. For this you need to eat beets, radishes, carrots, garlic, onion. Of mucus in the lungs will help to get rid of the warm milk. It should be drunk before bedtime, adding to enhance the effect, a teaspoon of honey or a drop of pine essential oil. The cleansing will go faster if you start Jogging, as in this case, increases the load on the lungs. If you can not run, you can do breathing exercises.

How to help cleanse the lungs

Cleansing of the lungs will help inhalation. For procedures it is better to use pine, eucalyptus, miranova essential oil. For conducting inhalation boil water in an enamel saucepan. Then in boiling water pour one teaspoon of essential oil, cover head with a towel and, leaning over the steam, breathing in for five to ten minutes. Should only breathe through your mouth, trying to take deep breaths. The duration of the course of treatments is one to two weeks.
It is recommended to make inhalations every day before bed, to then immediately go to sleep.

Helps to revitalise and purify the lungs after quitting Smoking a decoction of oats. For its preparation you need to pour one Cup of oats 500 ml of milk and bring to a boil. Then you need to leave the broth on low heat for evaporation to half the volume. The result should be about half a Cup of gruel, with a light brown color. It should drink warm at a time for half an hour before meals. Take this product three times a day. Clearing the lungs after ingestion will begin in five to seven days.

To be useful, and a decoction of the mixture of herb scented violets and oregano. It stimulates the ciliated epithelium in the respiratory tract. To prepare the broth should take one tablespoon of violet tricolor and oregano, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for an hour, covering bowl with a towel. To use this infusion need warm two to three times a day. The expectoration and the cough will attest to the fact that the lungs began to clear. The allocation may be brown from tar. A person can worsen chronic bronchitis, to facilitate the state in this case, you need to take the means, thinning phlegm.