Do not be afraid of colds. Unfortunately, one of the negative consequences of quitting – the decline of immunity. The body of the smoker, accustomed to daily doses of nicotine, feel the lack of this substance and begins to rebuild to survive in the new environment. As a result you begin to cough, feel a sore throat, there is a runny nose and other symptoms of flu and colds. This is often confusing, and again, the man is taken for a cigarette, but you should wait for just a couple of weeks, during which the immune system will get stronger and will again be firmly to withstand viral attack.
Make changes in the internal organs. Since Smoking takes a devastating impact primarily on vital organs such as the heart and lungs, it begins with them the recovery of the body after quitting cigarettes. The cardiovascular system returns to normal, the vessels become more elastic, the heart gets enough oxygen and is much more stable. Blood circulation is normalized, the blood is enriched with oxygen. After 24 hours of light start to appear mucus and toxins, and after two or three weeks increases lung capacity.
Feel the fullness of life. After a few weeks go almost entirely one of the most unpleasant external signs of Smoking are the characteristic odor from the mouth, morning cough, constant wheezing and bags under the eyes. The skin becomes healthier, becomes normal color disappears stuffy sinuses, and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. Two years after the rejection of bad habits, the risk of getting a heart attack decreases to the normal level, and after five years two times reduced risk of developing lung cancer, throat and esophagus. In addition, to recover from nervous system irritability is gradually disappearing, depression gives way to cheerful.
Follow the diet and the digestive system. The desire to smoke similar feel hunger, so the person who refused from cigarettes begins to eat more, which leads to excess weight. Many smokers even justify his reluctance to get rid of bad habits fear of obesity. However, it really all depends on you – follow the diet and do not pass, count calories, exercise. The first time you really will experience increased hunger, because the metabolism slows down, and the work of the taste buds improving, but after a couple of months you will feel like going back to a normal lifestyle.