To quit Smoking is not so simple as it seems, as the body gets used to the dose of nicotine and, of course, is going through huge stress, so to speak, "breaking". In order to help the person on a psychological level, many developed techniques, written books, created training and mugs.

Changes in the body while quitting cigarettes

Craving cigarettes all differ in length and may be delayed for a period of weeks to months. The worst, of course, will be the first few days. The main – stay to the end, otherwise your attempt will fail. This withdrawal of the body is called the "syndrome of refusal of Smoking" and can be accompanied by the following symptoms: of course, unbridled desire to smoke and inhale cigarette smoke, impatience, insomnia, irritability and nervous breakdowns, depression. Also, a person may headache and dizziness, tinnitus, sweating, hand tremors, shortness of breath and a wet cough, weight gain due to increase appetite. Most likely, you'll be sick after quitting cigarettes you will begin feeling unwell.
It is quite possible failures in the immune system, it is easy to catch a cold or catch a viral infection can develop oral thrush or sores in the oral cavity.

Changes in the human body, quit Smoking

If you decided to quit Smoking or to drink alcohol, we must remember that the advantages to your health from this much more than the minuses during this process, such as the above side effects. After a while you will feel much better. A month later the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, stomach and intestines will be cleansed of nicotine, and gradually upgraded, the volume of the lungs increases, disappears cough, improves the elasticity of blood vessels, will start the upgrade process, blood cells and calf.
In addition, you will improve the skin condition and complexion, very slowly recover the liver cells, the cough becomes less and less.

By the sixth month, normalized by the processes of sleep and digestion, weight comes back to normal. By the eighth month, this effect disappears Smoking as hoarseness of voice caused by Smoking, teeth whiten. Smoking is not desirable, but sometimes you need to just hold a cigarette in his hand – it must be fought! After a year of quitting cigarettes you will significantly reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks, cancer and various complications during pregnancy and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

To quit Smoking is much harder than starting. But the benefits to your health from this is colossal. So go ahead and believe in your abilities!