You will need
  • - chicken thighs 2-3 PCs
  • - egg noodles
  • - onions 1 PC.
  • - carrots 1pc.
  • - Bay leaf 3 PCs
  • - pepper
  • Sol
  • - green
Chicken thighs rinse well. Place them in a small pot and cover with water (1.5-2 liters). Simmer meat until tender for about an hour. Don't forget to remove the foam.
Boiled chicken put in a separate bowl, sieve the broth until it becomes transparent.
Carrots slice small strips and onions finely chop. Send the vegetables in salted boiling broth and cook them for 10 minutes.
Add the egg noodles, Bay leaf and pepper. Cook the soup until cooked noodles (usually about 5-10 minutes).
Chicken meat separate from the bones, cut into medium-sized pieces and place into the broth. When the soup is ready, add the finely chopped greens and serve.