In the 2003 programme, select menu "edit", which contains the item "Find". After selecting the appropriate item field appears for entering the required text in which you type a word or phrase. This operation is in the ward called the quick search allows users to quickly find and select those fragments of text that contain the word or text phrase.
After entering the desired phrase you should specify the other search parameters. In particular, if necessary, select all the desired fragments in the document, you will need to select the check box next to "Highlight all items found in". Then you must specify the part of document in which the search will be performed on the specified parameters.
Click "Find next" or "Find all". In the first case the search will be carried out before the first match, a desired phrase, a fragment of the document will be scrolled to the found phrase, it will be highlighted. Pressing this button will be found next line in the document or its part. If you select "Find all", then the program will highlight all of the matching search phrase in a particular document or its fragment. If necessary, the search can be suspended or cancelled.
If you are using word 2007, later versions of the program to implement search operations directly from the tab "start page". To do this, the user must select a group menu Edit that has the command "Find". Additional settings of this operation in these versions of the program are minimized, so it is enough to specify a search phrase and click "Find next" or "Find all". These teams operate in a similar way with word 2003. Thus, the task of searching for a given word, phrase, the software that has been released later than 2003, is greatly simplified.
If the user needs to replace certain words throughout the document, the corresponding operation is carried out after a preliminary search for fragments. In word 2003 for implementing the replacement need to fill in another text field in the command "Find". In later versions of the program should select the appropriate item in menu "Edit" which is located on the home page. When performing this task, the program will automatically replace all found words or phrases in whatever language the user sets in the line "Replace with".