Advice 1: Where in Kaluga you can make a passport

In Kaluga to make the international passport in three ways. First — contact the Department on registration of international passports UFMS across the Kaluga region, the second is to use the services of agencies that provide assistance in the preparation of documents. And the third is to send an application for a passport through the portal of public services online.
Passport in Kaluga

The issue of the passport through FMS

To issue the international passport it is necessary to pass to a specialist. At the specified time on the ticket come with a package of documents.
Before going to the Department of the Federal migration service, should collect a package of necessary documents. This is the original and copies of your passport, old passport, if any, application in two copies filled out in block capital letters in black ink or with a computer. They shall not permit any corrections and deletions. You should also bring two photos 3,5 x4,5, which necessarily made at the store.

Today do not require a copy of the work record card certified in the accounting Department. I beg to assure the application form on the issuance of passports at the place of work or study. Time stamp is 1 month. It's for working people. For the unemployed will have to just show the original work. It is necessary to pay a state fee in the amount of 2500 p. those who are 14 years of age, and 1200 R. people under the age of 14 years. Men in the military age (18-27 years), must provide military ID.

In the birth certificate of the child should be the liner on citizenship. Necessarily the presence of a child while receiving!
The Department of registration of international passports in Kaluga is located at ulitsa Lenina, 118. Contact phone +7 (4842) 50 67 88. Also this phone during certain hours, you can track the status of my passport. The application for registration accepted Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00. Tickets are available from 8:00 to 9:00 all weekdays, except Monday.

The registration of the international passport through a portal of state services

Not to stand in queue for ticket, and then only a month or more to give the documents for registration, for a quick passport use the portal of state services On the website you should register, for this we need the number SNILS and an activation code. The code can be obtained by regular mail or at the sales offices of Rostelecom. After receiving the code and activated your account you can boldly send request for a passport. To do this correctly fill in all the fields, add a picture. With proper design of the application in the electronic address will receive a message that the application is accepted . After some time the box will be notified with an invitation to the Department to be photographed in a biometric passport, to pay the legal costs and show the original documents.

Agency services for registration

Many agencies assist with preparation of documents on registration of passports. They correctly fill in the application form, pay the stamp duty if it is included in the cost of services will send the documents to the Federal migration service. Remains only to go and take a picture in a biometric passport.

Advice 2: How to make a passport quickly

Making a passportand may seem like a difficult procedure, if you do not know all the nuances. Most importantly, competently prepare all the necessary documents, so the first time you took the statement.
How to make a passport quickly
For registration of the passport you need to collect the following documents:

The statement of the established sample in 2 copies with photo.

Certified by personnel service of a copy of the work book.

A copy of the original Russian passport.

A copy of the old passport, if he had.

For men - a copy of military ID.

Receipt of payment of state duty.
For children under 18 years:

Application form with photo - 2pcs.

Original and copy of birth certificate.

Original and copy of old passport, if he had.

Receipt of payment of state duty.
For registration of the passport photos will be needed. If you apply for a passport the old model, you will need to provide 2 pictures in oval matte paper. If you want to issue a biometric passport, then you will take pictures directly in the office of the Federal migration service. For minor children a biometric passport is issued separately for each child.
For the submission of documents you will need to come to territorial Department of the FMS in the days and hours. Turn, generally there take a few hours. And the ability to get an appointment on this day not always. What you can do:
To register by phone. You are required to assign an exact date and time of receipt out of the General queue. But, sometimes, records can wait a few months.
You can apply on the official website of the FMS of Russia.
Even if you managed to get an appointment in the coming days, according to the law the issue of the passport will last one month. This is the best. If you need a passport urgently, you can use the services of intermediary firms. Such firms must produce passports on absolutely legal grounds promptly. How they do it, I think everyone can understand. But the cost of such services ranges from 9 to 15 thousand rubles per passport. Add to this amount the cost of the official registration fee which should be paid in any case. The deadlines can be from one week to three. You will only need to provide a standard list of documents for registration of the passport. From walking through the official chain of command you will be spared.
The first thing you need to do for clearance of foreign — to pull myself together and get ready to deal with the bureaucrats. Magic book, without which you will not be allowed on the Federal States (for example, to go to Kyiv, passport not needed), issued through the Federal migration service (office of the Federal Migration Service).
Useful advice
Soon will come the summer and thousands of Russians flock to the holiday abroad. Therefore, the questions about where and how to make a passport, of concern to many. The procedure of registration of the passport includes several stages and lasts about 2 months, so take care of collecting all the necessary documents you need in advance.

Advice 3: What to buy in Kaluga

One of the joys of any trip, of course, is shopping. Therefore, the majority of tourists tend to bring gifts for friends, family and, of course, buy something for yourself. To please successful acquisitions can not only overseas resorts. In a modest Russian cities a lot of what you can "put an eye". Shopping can be done anywhere, including in Kaluga.
What to buy in Kaluga
Directly from Kaluga train station starts on Kirov street, the main shopping area of the city. Therefore, before departure it is useful to wander through it, having bought something that is not in your city.
It can be Tarusa embroidery is a unique art craft ancient Russian city, now the regional center of Kaluga region. By the way, if you have time it's a must to visit. One-story Tarusa – natural-architectural reserve. As for the range of embroidery, the first thing is that all is designed to decorate the interior. Bed linen, towels, napkins, tablecloths, sofa cushions you can choose for every taste. Here embroidery to decorate clothes in the abundance of feminine dresses, blouses, men's shirts, blouses, robes, pajamas and more. You can also buy embroidered Souvenirs. Products Tarusa masters exclusively from natural fabrics – linen and cotton, they are well known, for example, in Paris and Milan, where he received a high rating.
Is in the Kaluga region, the village of Khludnevo, which is famous for its toys. Bright painted rattles, whistles, guelke, sopelki, bells, shifters bring joy to children and adults as a talisman will fit the tree of life – the main plot hludnevskoj toys closer to nature. Each such thing has its own special meaning.
Kaluga is an important city associated with such events in the history of Russia, as a deliverance from the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the Patriotic war of 1812 and 1941. But they overshadowed the brand, established in the twentieth century – the cradle of cosmonautics. Here lived and worked the great Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In Kaluga is the largest Museum in Russia, dedicated to space exploration. From here, you can get good books and model aircraft.
Kaluga gingerbread is much less known than the Tula, but it does taste is not inferior. The recipes of cooking was invented in the nineteenth century and never change until now. To leave town without this sweet souvenir is unforgivable.
But fans soft drinks bring excellent "Visherskoe" beer, named after the Fisher family, founded the brewery in 1875.
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