For registration of the passport you need to collect the following documents:

The statement of the established sample in 2 copies with photo.

Certified by personnel service of a copy of the work book.

A copy of the original Russian passport.

A copy of the old passport, if he had.

For men - a copy of military ID.

Receipt of payment of state duty.
For children under 18 years:

Application form with photo - 2pcs.

Original and copy of birth certificate.

Original and copy of old passport, if he had.

Receipt of payment of state duty.
For registration of the passport photos will be needed. If you apply for a passport the old model, you will need to provide 2 pictures in oval matte paper. If you want to issue a biometric passport, then you will take pictures directly in the office of the Federal migration service. For minor children a biometric passport is issued separately for each child.
For the submission of documents you will need to come to territorial Department of the FMS in the days and hours. Turn, generally there take a few hours. And the ability to get an appointment on this day not always. What you can do:
To register by phone. You are required to assign an exact date and time of receipt out of the General queue. But, sometimes, records can wait a few months.
You can apply on the official website of the FMS of Russia.
Even if you managed to get an appointment in the coming days, according to the law the issue of the passport will last one month. This is the best. If you need a passport urgently, you can use the services of intermediary firms. Such firms must produce passports on absolutely legal grounds promptly. How they do it, I think everyone can understand. But the cost of such services ranges from 9 to 15 thousand rubles per passport. Add to this amount the cost of the official registration fee which should be paid in any case. The deadlines can be from one week to three. You will only need to provide a standard list of documents for registration of the passport. From walking through the official chain of command you will be spared.