Carefully inspect the label on the pants, indicating how it is possible to clean the product. If there is a mark about one way - the dry cleaner, you must seek the assistance of professionals. With self-washing of these pants they risk to ruin the fabric can "sit" or shed.
In cases where washing products allowed to remove pollutants from linen pants can be home alone. The most acceptable variant hand wash linen things. If the pants need to be washed in a washing machine, select delicate wash, and use a special bag for clothes. Linen garments can be washed in water whose temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise slight shrinkage of the product. Len is very wrinkled, so the spin cycle in a washing machine is not highly recommended. After this procedure, ironed pants will be extremely difficult.
If the water in which you plan to wash linen products, tough enough to add to her special emollients or a small amount of lemon juice or citric acid.
Hand-washing clothes in advance dissolve a small amount of powder in a basin of water. Then gently wash the pants. Pressing Flaxseed product is not necessary. Allow to drain excess water, shake strongly and clothes hang out to dry.
Erasing colored linen pants, use a special detergent, suitable for washing colored linen. It will keep the brightness and color saturation, as it does not contain bleaching particles that can lead to the fact that the clothes are shed.
When washing white linen pants, on the contrary, stop your choice on the powder white linen. Whitening ingredients will give clothes kipelno shade and carefully removed all the contamination.
Stain from tea, coffee, chocolate or fruit juice with the pants you can display by wiping it with water mixed with a small amount of ammonia, vinegar and vodka. The blood stain as soon as possible to autolocate under cold water and blot grease stains with a cotton swab soaked in ammonia.