Advice 1: How to take Holy water

Holy water has healing properties, it is believed that it helps in various diseases and misfortunes. Someone can deny this fact, it is their right. But any Orthodox person should know where you can collect Holy water, when to take it.
How to take Holy water
When a family misfortune, in despair, people immediately want to go to Church, to pray and collect Holy water. No need to argue with his call of the soul. In any Church you will easily be able to collect Holy water, just bring empty container. Some churches already sold containers with a label containing a prayer before taking Holy water and communion bread. Remember that you are not alone, and it is not necessary to pour five or ten gallons of water. At one time, it is recommended to take no more than 0, 5 liters.
Special healing power of water accumulated in the Christian holiday Epiphany, celebrated on January 19. It is believed that this water cast out unclean spirits, purifies the soul of sinners, relieves depression and despondency. Enter a bottle of water in the temple on January 19. Holy water is sanctified by the silver and can be stored for a long time, absolutely not a port. Not to stand in a long queue on this Holy day, you can get a medicinal fluid, without leaving home. At midnight from 18th to 19th of January from the tap it pours Holy water, sanctified by God. Can also at this time to bathe under the shower in his apartment, the very brave can go dive in the hole.
If you want to collect Holy water in any particular place, for example, at the tomb of a Saint, then go on a pilgrimage. In most churches you can check the schedule and travel options. During the tour you will visit the cemetery where are buried the Holy bathe in the source and pick up the Holy water, you will also be able to retain for years to come.

Advice 2 : How to make Holy water

Currently using Holy water in the sacrament of baptism, in the consecration of new churches, residential and office space, in the Commission of Church services and communion etc. to Keep Holy water at home. According to the Church, she is able to heal the sick and rid the house of wickedness. This water does not deteriorate and remain fresh and bright for a long time.
How to make Holy water
Take the Holy water baptized people should be on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. If the illness is strongly tied patient, is not forbidden to take Holy water in unlimited quantities, without paying attention to the meal, and sprinkled her whole body or sore spot. You should know that even if the patient when the prescribed medications on an empty stomach, these should be taken only after drinking the Holy water.
After espitia Holy water it is necessary to pray for healing (read this prayer should only to patients). Healthy people then you should read a prayer for the acceptance of the communion bread and Holy water.
Take the Holy water should be small SIPS at one time. However you should know that it must be ispita in three SIPS.
Ordinary believers should take the Holy water daily in the morning with the use of a piece of communion bread, and, as already mentioned above, reading the prayers for the making of communion bread and Holy water. So to begin each new day Christian believer.
Holy water can be added to ordinary tap water, and then it is considered that all the water is clarified, it becomes Holy, becomes curative, beneficial properties. You can drink it and cook with her food.
Daily intake of the Holy water helps to cure not only skin diseases or diseases of the stomach, it also allows you to get rid of spiritual ailments. It is taken with cardiac arrhythmia, with increasing thyroid, migraines, tooth and ear pain and many other ailments. Keep Holy water can only be at room temperature or at the icon for it.
Holy water is water that allows you to clean our body, to cure a variety of ailments, it is reputed believers, the Church Shrine, which requires a reverent attitude. To drink the Holy water of the Christians began in the II century. Associated with the use of such water, primarily, with the baptism of Christ in the water of the Jordan river.
Useful advice
Remember, the benefit from taking the Holy water will only when it is taken with faith and prayer.

Advice 3 : Holy water. The blessing of water on Epiphany

January 19, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the Baptism. It is believed that on this day Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan river. Every year on 19 January, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, a miracle occurs: the water in all sources, whether it be a lake, spring, river changes its structure and acquires unique healing properties.
 Holy water. The blessing of water on Epiphany

In the Orthodox faith the water is consecrated twice. For the first time - on Christmas eve, January 18, in the temple. The second time, January 19, in the day of a holiday on the water. If the ponds were frozen, the advance in the ice porubitsya Jordan - a hole in the shape of a cross, named after the river Jordan in which Jesus was baptized.

The water in the day becomes extraordinary power, even changing its structure. It is known that if the water accumulated in the day to be stored separately in a sealed container, it will not go bad. Experiments were conducted. In the same room in the same containers were set three kinds of water. So "Holy" water has not changed any of its qualities after a year. Normal water has become totally unfit for use after 5 months and still mineral store-bought one through eight.

To the Holy water assumes a special relationship. Keeping it in the corner with icons (if available). Drink it on an empty stomach, spoon in the morning, she wash my kids sprinkle an apartment or a house. Moreover it is known that "a drop of Holiness blesses the sea". In ordinary water, add a little of the consecrated, and all the water in the tank will become a Saint.

Is strictly prohibited when taking Holy water to say swear words, cursing, to prevent vile thoughts. Often the water in such cases, simply bottled either loses its Holiness. You need to protect this gift.

In the afternoon of 19 January and you can now observe some strange, unexplained phenomena. For example, in perfect wind on water surfaces, including in the premises of a sudden is the ruffle.It can see all the people, even far from Orthodoxy.

The moment of the baptism of Christ by John the Forerunner in waters of Jordan many years ago was accompanied by amazing signs. The Jordan river flows from the mountains flows into the sea of Gennesaret, but for another 300 meters, while in the sea, it is not pereselyaetsya with its salty waters, and a powerful jet flows before flowing into the Dead sea When Jesus was baptized and he was struck with the Holy Spirit and the waters of Jordan went back. This sign has since been repeated annually. And thousands of people become witnesses of this However, there is no scientific explanation of this phenomenon.On the eve of Orthodox Christians let the river wooden crosses with candles. The water carries them into the Dead sea, on January 19 and returns back! On the same day the fresh water of the Jordan becomes salty.

The place of baptism of Jesus Christ is now located on the territory of Jordan. Local authorities only one day of the year 19 January allow riverside Church service to sanctify the water. When the worship service is always a lot of pilgrims and tourists, so there are a huge number of witnesses are watching to see how the river turns back the clock, and the branches of the trees stoop so low, they touch the water surface, as if bowing to the great miracle.


Advice 4 : How to get rid of hex

What is the hex? It is a magical action that you make in order to send the required energy to the object or person. Secret words of incantations handed down from generation to generation. Now a lot of evil people, books on black magic and white magic are easily accessible. If your life went the black strip, there is a sense of wonder, and suddenly it's slander or damage, which can be removed independently.
How to get rid of hex
You will need
  • Fresh egg, Cup, 13 matches.
Determine if there is damage on you. To do this, type in a clear glass of cold water. Break an egg into the Cup without damaging the yolk. Stand up straight, pulling your chin to your chest and put a Cup of egg does on the crown. Wait for 2-3 minutes. If the water remains clean, clear, means at you there is no slander. If the protein strips go up - you were made hex. If the stripes have bubbles, the hex is very strong, and if the protein strips you see black dots, the damage was done on the burial ground or death.
If you are unbaptized, you need to take the sacrament of baptism. Have baptized person has a guardian angel. He protects from evil people, from negative energies, if you read the prayer.
Do not remove the pectoral cross. The cross must be blessed in the Church.
Prepare for confession and vpovilaitis. Corruption and curses are given to us for our sins. There are no people without sin, therefore, confession and the Holy Communion is the best cure for the devils.
Clean up your house, then get the priest and sanctify the house in which you live. Home is the place where we restore our energy hole. If the house is chaos - your aura is not restored during sleep and you are more vulnerable. Even a negative word spoken in your address, can work as a curse. During harvest, remove closets, remove carpets, be sure to check the pillows and cushions. Usually, slander items, such items are called "lining" you have to find them. If you find the lining, bare hands it is not worth taking. Wear rubber gloves or a plastic bag on his hand.
If the lining can burn, then you need to take 13 matches. 12 folded into the well, 13 to burn and put on top of the lining. When burning an object that was made hex - the temperature is very high, so make sure that the storage capacity where you will burn the cursed object was the stand. When the fire began to burn - you need to cross three times to say: "criss - Cross, be gone demon, be gone evil spirit. Amen." When everything burns down to ashes, gather the newspaper and throw it in the river with the left hand with the words: "come - back and go find his master. Amen." To leave, without turning around.
40 days to read morning and evening prayers. Be sure to read the "our father", "let God arise", "hail Mary" and "King of heaven". If you did a spell, incantations recited for 40 days. Now you have to tell the prayer for 40 days to neutralize the negative energy of a magical conspiracy.
Food be sure to add the Holy water. Drink a few SIPS on an empty stomach every morning.
For 40 days you will read the prayers, limit people, I went to your house. Try not to let anyone. If will come close relatives, immediately after they left, sprinkle all the corners of the house with Holy water in a clockwise direction, reciting the "our father", "let God arise", "hail Mary" and "King of heaven".
Useful advice
Holy water is always to be kept only in closed containers.
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