When a family misfortune, in despair, people immediately want to go to Church, to pray and collect Holy water. No need to argue with his call of the soul. In any Church you will easily be able to collect Holy water, just bring empty container. Some churches already sold containers with a label containing a prayer before taking Holy water and communion bread. Remember that you are not alone, and it is not necessary to pour five or ten gallons of water. At one time, it is recommended to take no more than 0, 5 liters.
Special healing power of water accumulated in the Christian holiday Epiphany, celebrated on January 19. It is believed that this water cast out unclean spirits, purifies the soul of sinners, relieves depression and despondency. Enter a bottle of water in the temple on January 19. Holy water is sanctified by the silver and can be stored for a long time, absolutely not a port. Not to stand in a long queue on this Holy day, you can get a medicinal fluid, without leaving home. At midnight from 18th to 19th of January from the tap it pours Holy water, sanctified by God. Can also at this time to bathe under the shower in his apartment, the very brave can go dive in the hole.
If you want to collect Holy water in any particular place, for example, at the tomb of a Saint, then go on a pilgrimage. In most churches you can check the schedule and travel options. During the tour you will visit the cemetery where are buried the Holy bathe in the source and pick up the Holy water, you will also be able to retain for years to come.