You will need
  • - application for a passport;
  • - certificate of family composition and citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • - the conclusion of the awareness in the data making the state secret;
  • - permission to leave from the FSB;
  • - permission to leave from his command;
  • - certificate of departure;
  • - personal documents for obtaining a passport.
Refer to article 19 of the Federal law "On procedure of exit from the Russian Federation" No. 114-FZ. It contains information concerning travel abroad of officers of the Russian army. File an application for a passport (forms can be found online) and send it to the Federal security service. Specify the reason for travel abroad and the period for which you will leave the territory of the Russian Federation. Attach the certificate of family composition and citizenship of the Russian Federation, having received them in the passport office, and a conclusion about your awareness of certain information constituting a state secret. You will also need a registration card of a soldier. After reviewing your request you will receive a permission to leave.
Contact your command and tell permission from the FSB. Indicate whether you need to obtain a passport for travel abroad. Please note that the management may deny your claim, for example, because of the presence of a large number of disciplinary offences. In addition, if you are privy to important government or military secrets, you can refuse to issue exit permits at the level of the Federal security service and the headquarters of the military unit.
Go through the procedure for obtaining a passport. For this you can contact the company that won the tender for the issuance of passports or recreation for servicemen. So you speed up the process. Do not forget to attach supporting documents, including your passport, registration certificate or military ID, a receipt for payment of registration fee and two permits from the FSB and command. You will also need a certificate of departure, specifying the period of stay abroad with dates of departure/arrival, you need to get in their military unit. According to Russian law, the validity of the certificate may not exceed two months.