Advice 1: The operator Yota: coverage area, rates, advantages and disadvantages

To the three Federal cellular operators in Russia (Beeline, MTS and MegaFon have signed another player – Yota. However, a fully-fledged mobile operator, it can be called a very big stretch. This so-called virtual operator that uses resources of a network "Megaphone".
A new Federal operator Yota

Brand Yota belongs to the company "Skartel", which in turn is a subsidiary of OJSC "MegaFon". Yota offers mobile services on GSM network and 3G/4G "MegaFon".

Coverage area the mobile operator Yota

Their services the new Federal operator while began to give only in Moscow, the Moscow region, Petersburg and Leningrad region, and then only in a restricted mode. In the near future Yota needs to start in every Russian region.

The Advantages Of A Yota

New operator promises its subscribers unlimited Internet access for smartphone, sms, free calls to other users Yota, 300 free minutes of calls to other Russian operators, as well as stromerova space throughout Russia. Until the new operator offers only one tariff. The cost of monthly maintenance of the fare is 750 rubles. However, subsequently, there will be other tariffs.

Disadvantages Yota

Without a spoon of tar in the tariff Yota has not done. So, completely unlimited Internet "Iota" can not be called. The operator notes that the tariff is intended solely for use on smartphones, mobile phones, tablets. The use of SIM-cards Yota on other devices (including routers, modems, desktop computers and laptops) are not allowed.

But the surprises do not end there. The tariff is designed to use one SIM card on the same device. The use of the card inserted into the phone to enable additional communications with other devices are not allowed (in particular, we are talking about the distribution of wifi).

If you violate these restrictions, the operator will lower the Internet speed of up to 32 kilobits per second. In addition, the speed Yota limit to 32 kilobits for services that use network resources to access the torrents and download the large file. It turns out, torrents with the download rate is quite problematic.

Service center back office Yota

In order to enhance comfort and reasonable prices, the operator has abandoned the traditional sales channels. To order a SIM card Yota can be through the operator's website and via a special mobile app, to – by courier or at the point of issuance. Their address is listed in the mobile app.

The company has relied on the services online, abandoning the traditional contact center. Support subscribers will be carried out via chat on the website or mobile app. The management services will be fully maintained through the app.

Advice 2 : How to connect Whit

Internet free in any point of the city – at home, at work, in cafes, on the walk. No wires, just convenience and mobility. The opportunity at any time and any place to enter in the Internet provided by the company Yota. To use her services, follow a few simple steps.
How to connect Whit
You will need
  • modem, router or laptop module Yota.
On the official website or in the office check whether you are in the coverage area – whether in your city, district, street connectivity. Note that the topography, location of buildings and your own location may make it impossible or difficult signal reception. For information, contact technical support or consult other users in the area (for example, through the forum).
Select and purchase devices for Yota modem, router or laptop with a built-in module for connection to the network. Clarify if there are any promotions or special terms for new users. Find out the conditions of return of the device if it will not fit.
Read the instructions and connect the selected device to the computer, consistently complete all the steps for installing the software. Typically, the device automatically starts the setup program, it finds the network and connects to it. After the connection register on the site: specify name, create a username, password, security question and answer, enter also email address and phone number. Log in, enter passport information, activate the connected device.
Select a plan and make on account payment by any way convenient for you: by credit card through the instant payment terminals, Bank transfer, electronic money. Check the funding methods on the official website. For payment you will need to specify the account number (look in your account) or phone number. Making payment, mention the possible Commission. After payment you will receive a message about the payment on the phone. Re-connect the device (disconnect and re-connect the modem) and use all services of the company - listen to music, surf the web, chat with friends.
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