Masks from oils. It is known that some oils wash out the color of paint. For example, burdock. To do this mask need often, several times a week. For best effect there is a special recipe: it is necessary to mix oil with lemon juice. After - obtained texture to the hair. Next: wrap head with a towel and hold for approximately 1 hour. However, the time setting is individual. The main thing – do not overdo it with time, as you can dry out the hair.
Another mask you can make from yogurt. Possesses washing properties. Some people try to wash off the paint with alcohol, but still it is not the best way. Because after these treatments, the hair will just have to treat it.
In addition to recipes, there are professional facilities for washing paint out of my hair. They come in various brands, large selection. This is for those who are able to conduct such a procedure at home. Those who can't go to the salon for help.
You can use is easy way. Not all of it will help, but someone definitely. Tonic has not such a strong effect on the hair like hair dye, so during the day several times to wash my hair. Even the paint starts to slip away after the constant water treatments. After each bathing, you can do medical hair mask. At the same time and hair to treat, and the hated tonic rinse.