You will need
  • For this you will need to spend a few procedures. In them you can use different oils (olive or burdock) and 70% alcohol. Don't forget to stock up on polishing shampoo, disposable shower cap and towel.
Apply on hair a bit of alcohol. Distribute it on all length and hold it on your hair for about 5 minutes. Instead of alcohol you can use hot water. They have about the same effect: open the scales of the hair, allowing you to wash them the paint.
Not washing away the alcohol, coat the hair with olive or burdock oil. Insulate the head, wearing a cap or towel. You can lightly dry it with a Hairdryer. The mask should be kept about 30 minutes. During this time, having got under the scales of the hair, the oil will wash out the paint particles.
Wash the head with shampoo polishing.
Repeat the procedure several times.