You will need
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - the employment contract (contract);
  • - the reference from female consultation about pregnancy.
A pregnant woman cannot continue to work with the same load as before. Therefore, on the basis of article 93 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, she has the right to demand the establishment of incomplete working day or incomplete working week. The new schedule of the pregnant woman is established on the basis of its application by concluding additional agreements to the employment contract. It clearly prescribes the mode of work and rest of the expectant mother and also other due to her special situation incentives. Then issued the appropriate order on change of operating mode pregnant. However, women must remember that part-time work is paid in proportion to hours worked, so their income may be greatly reduced. In addition, part-time may not be less than 4 hours, and part-time working less than 20 hours per week.
The legislator has envisaged a number of cases where expectant mother cannot work, even with her consent in writing. Article 259 of the Labor Code prohibits pregnant women to work at night. In addition, they cannot work overtime beyond the duration of their assigned period of work, during weekends, in the days of holiday vacation. It is forbidden to send pregnant women in any business trip, even if they are dictated by serious operational reasons. If a woman's work involves travel, then after pregnancy, it can work in the same mode, while this did not adversely affect her health.
If a pregnant woman is violated, she may appeal against the illegal actions of the company's management, having written the corresponding application to the State labour Inspectorate. You can send a similar complaint to the Prosecutor or to write a petition to the court.