Why do I need to do a screenshot

User needs for screen shots of the tablet may be different. Someone needs to explain how to accomplish the game to a friend, someone expects a tip when using the device, someone should be sent to the shop for payment confirmation.

Thus, methods of obtaining a photo of the screen on devices with different operating systems and different brands may vary.

How to take a screenshot on the Android tablet

Some models of Android tablets there is a special button in menu that allows you to photograph the screen.

But if it is missing or gone when you reboot (many tablet users complain of this trouble), then you shouldn't worry, because there are other methods how to make a screenshot on the tablet.

A screenshot, usually you can get by pressing a certain key combination. The most common options for getting the screenshots on the following tablets:

- simultaneous pressing of the buttons to reduce (or increase) the volume of the device and the power supply;

- click on the keys adjust the volume and navigate the menu.

On some tablet models have difficulty in obtaining a screenshot of the screen by pressing combinations of keys. For example, on the Sony Xperia V to make a photo of the screen, only by pressing for a few seconds on the power button. In this tablet there is a special menu where you can select the appropriate option.

On the Galaxy Note to descriminate the screen using a digital pen.

On most Samsung tablets do I take a screenshot will only be one Home button.

Some devices can include a search function where you can take a screenshot of the tablet at the end of your palm on the screen.

On HTC, you should press simultaneously the power button and the sensor "Home".

The Sony Xperia tablet allow Scrin screen using keyboard shortcuts on and volume down buttons and selecting the appropriate item in menu that appears when long pressing the power button.

Tablets LG has a special app Quick Memo for taking photographs of the screen, although the screen and using the volume buttons and the inclusion.

On Galaxy Nexus valid way to simultaneously pressing the volume down and power.

How to take a screenshot of the screen of the tablet on Windows

To make a screenshot of the screen on tablets, Windows is often able to press the lock and start. Photo saved to folder screen images separately from other images received from the camera.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on the ipad

The easiest way to take a picture of the screen on devices from Apple. Milking taking a photo, you press the centre key scroll to a menu tablet and the lock button device. A screenshot can be found in the folder where all the pictures received from the camera iPad.

Usually, when you create screeshot screen of the tablet there is a tablet with relevant information or a request to confirm the operation. If not, you can hear a beep or click. After you have made a screenshot of the screen on the tablet, you can find it in pictures folder or in the section with the title containing the word screen.

If the cherished the is not obtained by standard methods, in the store, you can download a special program. In the "search Market" you must enter a word "screen" and choose the application that most suits you. As a rule, such programs can not only make a screenshot of the screen on the tablet, but also to edit the resulting picture.