You can take screenshots of web pages, in other words to photograph them. You can take picture not only the usual pages, sites like Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, but just pictures of your computer screen, for example, some working papers or game, so you can take pictures of everything that appears on you computer monitor. The process consists of several simple operations. To begin, select the desired image or page. Hit F11. The page expands to full screen, the browser will not be seen. This will make your picture better and will remove it with unnecessary details and information.
Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Most often it is located above the Insert button. She, in turn, is located above the Delete button. If you have deployed the web page in full screen, press F11 again and the web page will take the usual form.
Start the Paint program or another graphics editor on your computer. The advantage of Paint is that it often is already on the computer. To find it use by start - All programs - accessories – Paint. Create a new document.
Press Ctrl+V or select the top menu edit - Paste.
Save the file under any convenient name. Best put the jpg extension.
You can also paste your final picture into a document in Word and process it there, for example, trim off the excess.
The page you want photographed. It is not difficult, but at the same time it is a useful and common operation.
Press Ctrl+D to save the address of the web page to your favorites and you can return to it whenever you it's convenient.