Do a screen shot.

Some iPhone owners uses for this special application, and may not be aware of the existence of more simple and accessible method, which is provided by the manufacturer.

To begin, select the program, a screenshot of which you intend to do. When you are undecided, you have to do two simple manipulations. One finger click on the "Lock iPhohe", others hit the Home button. All! The iPhone screen is ready.

Save and send.

The screen is done, now we need to open it and check whether what you have in mind when creating the screenshot. Open the Photos app on your phone and navigate to "camera Roll", it will be your screenshot.

In order to send it, for example, by e-mail, click on the picture and "tap" the icon "Actions". By clicking you will open a list of available actions with a screen shot.

If you want to send a picture of the screen via email, click "Send by e-mail". Enter the message, subject and recipient address. Click "Send". If you send an image too large, your iPhone will inquire on the subject of whether you want to save sent image.

If you decide to send a snapshot of the screen, select "Actual", and in the case of selecting "Medium" or "Small", respectively, will be sent to the resized image. After pressing the "Send" button, your iPhone will send an email and get back to the original photo.

You can save your photos to your computer. By the way, it is useful to do periodically in order to free up the phone memory. For this you will need a computer or laptop and also the USB cable included with the factory package.

Using the cable connect your iPhone to the computer or laptop. After a few seconds the computer will detect your phone as a digital camera, and the monitor displays the AutoPlay dialog box. The waiting time depends on the performance of your computer. In this window, select "open device to view files".

Select "Internal Storage", then "DCIM" and then "Folder". In one of the folders is a photo, another video. You can now copy your chosen images in the usual way as you used to do it on the computer.
After copying, you can disconnect the cable.