You will need
  • - a written request for a credit history;
  • code of the subject of credit history;
  • - statement of changes in credit history;
  • - the documents confirming the unreliability of the data contained in the KJV.
By itself, the term "bad credit history" from a legal point of view is not correct. The banks themselves determine the criteria for the assignment of credit history the category of bad. For most banks a one-time delay up to 5 days are not grounds for denial of the loan. After all, we can talk about the technical delays, the time when the money was credited to the account Bank or the borrower has confused the date of payment. This does not describe it in a negative way. Some do not even take into account longer defaults to 35 days if it was an isolated incident and the borrower further improved. If the borrower repeatedly allowed a long delay, has an outstanding delinquent loan, or even did not intend to repay, in this case, access to credit will be closed for him.
In order to ensure that the reason for denial of loans is the bad credit history, you need to request it. This can be done in several ways. You can request your credit record in the Central catalogue of credit histories online, or by directing a request by mail, contact the credit Bureau or the Bank with the corresponding statement. Credit history will be provided within two weeks.
You need to understand why a bad credit history. The main reason is the presence of arrears on the loan, full or partial failure to perform its obligations. But it also happens that the credit history is spoiled by mistake. The correction of the credit history in these two cases will differ.
Often it happens that a negative credit history is formed through the fault of a Bank employee. It may be associated with inattention to arise due to the mixing of information about your history and the history of your namesake or namesakes. In this case you need to contact the credit Bureau with a formal request. For this you will need to provide proof of the incorrectness of information contained in a credit history.
Specialists CRB will check the information you provide and, unless there is a dispute, will make the appropriate changes to credit history. They also should provide you with a written response and send the corrected file. If the challenge information is denied, you may request reliable data in your credit history in court.
If bad credit history has arisen through your fault, then you can use legitimate ways to increase their chances of getting credit in the future. Try to get a consumer cash loan, and extinguish it in due course. Good performance of their loan obligations, perhaps, the best way to convince a Bank in your trustworthiness.
Can open a Deposit account in the same Bank. This will serve as proof that the borrower has become more disciplined and has revised its attitude to Finance.
If you encounter financial difficulties it is necessary in advance to warn the Bank with a request of restructuring (revision of future payments), or holiday of credit. If the Bank refuses to refinance the loan.