You will need
  • Passport or any other identity document.
Today a great many banks provide loans to the unemployed, but to them is quite difficult. Trying to get a loan, first of all, you should take into account that it will have to give.
It is best to take a loan from associations, because banks difficult to give loans of this kind, appointing a very high percent return. About the organizations services you can find online or in the office. Before applying for a loan, you have to thoroughly calculate all the parameters – the duration of the loan, the interest, the required amount, a monthly payment of. It is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against", as well as to assess the possibility of payment of the amount without delay.
If the resulting figure is quite satisfied, you can go to the website of the chosen company and submit an application to receive loan. Virtually every more or less serious loan organization has such a service. After registration still waiting for a call of the specialist of the company.
There is another way of obtaining the loan. Many banks provide quick loans for unemployed. This kind of credibility, where you don't need any help with the work. Enough to come to the Bank office with your passport and fill in the necessary forms. Any help with the work required. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the Express credits are given for a relatively short period of time, which you will need to pay the appropriate amount. Otherwise, the Bank can impose sanctions, and it will affect credit history. However, the Express credit at the same time is characterized by a relatively low loan amount will actually pay in the short term.