Diagnosis of heel spurs

To diagnose heel spurs is possible only with the help of medical examination. Doctor by palpation will determine the nature of pain, and the radiograph will confirm a more accurate diagnosis. In the picture will be visible is a small outgrowth on the heel bone from the plantar side. The spur itself has a pointed end, the dimensions of the stud are 3-15 mm. the Early stage of the disease x-rays may not reveal, heel pain is already talking about the beginning of the inflammatory process, when the bone has not had time to deform.

Folk remedy for heel spurs

You'll need 250 g of roots of iris. Wash them thoroughly under running water, dry and mince. Fold in a glass jar, pour the resulting slurry in the same amount of alcohol. Nylon, close the lid, wrap the jar in dark paper and put on 15 days in a dark place. Daily shake composition. After that, soak a flannel in the prepared tincture, slightly wring out, attach to the heel. Top cover with cellophane or cling film, wrap up and leave the compress on the night. To avoid burns, it is recommended to lubricate the heel with vaseline or oil. The course of treatment is 20 days. Make a week break and repeat the course.

Wash the egg and place it in a glass jar, pour in vinegar (to cover eggs). Close the jar and store in the refrigerator. After about 10-14 days the shell should dissolve. Then, remove the egg with a steel spoon, remove the foil, RUB and cover with the other half essence, thoroughly mix the composition. Add 40 g unsalted butter. Miraculous ointment from the spur ready. Lubricate the patient's heel of the tool, wear cotton socks. Apply the ointment as long as the spur will not work.

Mix in a glass bowl, a tablespoon of honey, contents of one vial of iodine, 50 ml and a teaspoon of fine salt. Thoroughly mix these components, apply a little makeup on a folded several times a bandage or cotton wool, apply to heel, wrap with cellophane, tight bandage. Go with this bandage on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. This amount of ointment will be enough for about 5-6 procedures. Use the poultice daily until the spur will not work.

Prevention of heel spurs

To avoid this trouble, you should wear only comfortable shoes in a timely manner to treat diseases that can contribute to the development of the spurs, to avoid (and treat) injuries of the feet, lead an active lifestyle, to monitor the health of the spine and weight.