Shimizu sometimes by their appearance confuse with the usual corns, especially if the latter causes pain. But in addition to pain, these two types Motulevich formations on the sole have nothing in common. Tipica refers to viral diseases and is a kind of warts, which make themselves felt with a decrease in immunity or superficial injury of the skin of the hands or feet.

Symptoms of sepici

Like all warts, are a form of human papillomavirus, sepici can be transmitted due to sexual relations or by casual contact. Therefore, the disease has no particular age: children with frequent catarrhal diseases, violate the hygiene and young people with disorderly sexual contacts, and older people who have suffered serious illness or suffering from excessive sweating of the feet – all who have for one reason or another have problems with immunity.

Tipici appear on the fingers and feet, they take most often only the thumb and the area of the foot. Because it is a type of warts, they are characterized by numerous papillary tubules that go deep into the muscle tissue. Tipici not given explicitly above the skin surface like common warts, and have flat shape with flaky dead top layer of yellow. It can be 1-2 warts or a whole cluster.

To the treatment was most effective, it is important not to miss the beginning of the disease, because at the initial stage of sepici looks like corn and has a smooth reddish surface. Only with time they begin to grey, turn yellow and peel off. Sometimes visible in the center black point as evidence of blockage of blood vessels. The main feature that distinguishes Lipitsy from corn, no skin pattern.

How and what to treat

Because the wart is not only superficial keratinized skin, but also of the filamentous processes directed inwards, removing them is very problematic. If Lipica does not cause severe pain and discomfort when walking, it is better to strengthen the immune system, without resorting to intensive treatment and removal of tumors. As practice shows, they themselves will disappear.

In the case of a less positive outcome using one of the methods of destruction of sepici:
- burning acids (acetic, benzoic, salicylic, nitric);
- freezing with liquid nitrogen;
- removal laser, radio waves or mechanically with a scalpel.

Whichever way, neither was chosen, strengthening the immune system need to pay close attention. Without this removal shipit may be useless, and they will begin to grow with renewed vigor. Therefore, treatment should be complex.

Often effective are folk remedies involving celandine, garlic, horseradish, onion, sulfur, fresh meat. At the heart of many of them is moxibustion with the help of vinegar, which in the home to be trifled with.