You will need
  • -transmittal statement for the form OKUD 0402300 (A5);
  • -invoice;
  • receipt.
The sheet blank according to the counts. In the "bag" put in the individual number of bags, the name of the organization, specify in the column "from whom", in the column "debit" - dvadtsatiletnej account analytical accounting, which open at the respective balance sheet accounts of cash.
In the column "credit" dvadtsatiletnej specify the customer account number, individual tax number, respectively, in the "INN". The amount declared to the collection, indicate in the "amount in figures". It should be equal to the amount indicated on the reverse side of the sheet. The same amount also write in the column "amount in words".
In the column "source of income", indicate "trading revenue" or "sales of services" and ensure that it matches the cash symbol. In the recipient field write the full name of the organization, on which account your money. In columns "CAT", "OKATO", "R/account №" - the relevant details of the organization that receives the funds.
In the field "Name of Bank-media" specify the Bank details in the cashier who accepted the money, his name and number of the structural unit. In the field “name of the Bank-recipient” specify the name of the Bank where the Bank account of the recipient of the money. In the field “including by symbols: sum, the symbol” - symbols used in the preparation of the Report about cash turnover in accordance with the Bank of Russia dated January 16, 2004 No. 1376-U.
The amounts that are one character of the report, write a single line in the respective positions of the above fields. For individual entrepreneurs to use cash symbol 19. The signature of the giver of funds, i.e. cashier, shaped bag, write in the “customer signature”.