To fill the receipt on the penalty, you need to know the details on which to make payment. They can be specified in the form of a stamp on the back of the Protocol on administrative offense – it is only necessary to take the receipt form and enter all available data in the appropriate fields.
For the payment of a fine may be issued as a separate sheet with details. To enter in the fields Blanca receipt data specified on the printout and information about the payer, too, no one not working. Fill out the form to avoid corrections and blots.
Special care should be taken when filling out the fields, which fits the numbers (Bank account, correspondent account, CSC and so on), so you do not have to track down and return their money, gone to an unknown account.
Fines are accepted at the Bank, to the amount of the payment is added to Bank Commission for the transaction. Also many banks on the Bulletin boards have details of those agencies and organizations, the benefit of which is most often the payment is made. The receipt can be completed by hand or on the computer.
The receipt of Sberbank of Russia can be filled on the Internet page (address: In the receipt you must enter all the details available to you in the printout. Fields, information about which you have not, leave blank. Further, a receipt need to check, print, insert date, sign, pay the fine at a Bank.
Motorists can visit the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate of MIA of Russia (address: http://www.gibdd.ruin section "Drivers" select the "Violations and fines" in the top menu click on "Addresses and receipts", choose your region and unit of the traffic police, where it was issued. A page will open with contact data unit, and information about the account details for the payment of administrative fines. The motorist will only have to fill the fields with information about the payer (name, surname, patronymic, address), enter the amount of the fine and print a receipt.