You will need
  • - blank account books accounting forms of labor books;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - staffing;
  • - documents on arrival/consumption, labor books;
  • - forms of labor books and inserts them.
On the title page of the account book specify the name of your company in accordance with the Charter, other constituent document.
On the second page of the book write personal data of the employee responsible for its management, appointed by the head (specify the number and date of the administrative document), a position held by it. Typically, completing the account book deals with the accountant. On the same page is written the period in which the employee conducts this document. After all, to make the filling you need to until it is done.
The third page of the book consists of twelve count. In the first column enter the registration number issued by the labour book, which is assigned its forms and inserts in it.
The following three graphs are designed to make date of receipt/issue forms of labor books and inserts them. Day, month, and year specify Arabic numerals.
In the fifth column enter the name of the counterparty from which the admission forms of labor books and inserts them. Be aware that you need to buy them from authorized distributors, so that later no problems. Sometimes found is that the series and the number of employment records do not exist. Unable to detect it when calculating employee pensions in the pension Fund. Then the book and made an entry to invalidate, and to prove the employee is difficult.
In the sixth column, write the number and date of the document which is the basis of the obtained forms of labor books and inserts them. Specify the name.
If you purchased the work book, their series and numbers indicate the seventh column. If there is a flow liners in it, then fill in details in the eighth column. The amount of the purchase write in the ninth column.
If you need to register the consumption of forms of labor books, series and number enter in the tenth column. If there is a sale of books, their requisites specify in the eleventh column. The amount of the document write in the twelfth column.