Stable expression "knows her worth" in most cases used to refer to the man or woman with a hint of condemnation. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for many decades in countries of the former USSR one of the main virtues considered the modesty and the ability to bring their interests in favor of the common cause. What does it mean when someone familiar with him people say that he knows his worth?

"Know their worth" - what is it?

Many people mistakenly believe that the expression "know their worth" can be used most often in relation to those for whom the typical high self-esteem. In fact, someone who really knows their worth, value themselves enough to objectively and adequately. This person differs from the others primarily by the fact that for him the greatest value represent its own interests, and not those that were imposed by someone artificially.

For example, those who are born and raised in the Soviet Union, literally mother's milk was absorbed by the idea that labour is the most important thing. Remember how respect used, for example, workers who performed and exceeded production norms. Imbued with the spirit of competition, people undermine their health in hazardous industries, transferring the disease on their feet and putting the highest value for himself recognition on the job. He who knows her worth, understands that the work is not all of life; he copes with its responsibilities, but will not sacrifice their interests in favor of the employer without sufficient rewards.

The man who knows her worth – what is it?

Often say "He knows his worth" about the man who is not afraid to upset someone or ruin someone's relationship, expressing their true desires. It could be a teenager who doesn't want to work as a blacksmith, as all the other men in his family, and goes to medical school. Often say about a girl who doesn't want to marry not for love, but only because "the time" that actively condemned by public opinion. A specialist who is not ready to get a job, certain conditions which do not meet its requirements, also "knows her worth".

As the examples show, knowing his own worth in the eyes of most people around him an upstart and selfish. In fact, he just realizes that it is better to Express your wishes and possibly get rejected than to agree that clearly he did not like, thus forcing themselves to tolerate it for a long time. Looks promising, and in these days, who know their value and are aware that they want, people are becoming more.