How to enter codes in Sims 4

To enter codes in Sims 4 you need in the special window-the console. To bring up the console, you need to type Ctrl+Shift+C. After entering the code press Enter. Enter the desired code is possible both in small and capital letters. If the computer's operating system is Windows Vista, the key combination to bring up the console is a bit different: Ctrl+Shift+C+Windows.

Codes for Sims 4 no code

When you enter the code motherlode adds 50,000 in-game funds chosen family.

When you use code kaching adds 10000 game currency selected family.

If you enter the console code rosebud and choose the family, then she will get 1000 Simoleons – game currency in the Sims 4.

To the Sims 4 is free to move into a selected house, you need to enter the code freerealestateon. For eviction from the house code is used freerealestateoff.

If the character is stuck in the game, then the code resetsim+character name+the name of the character will allow you to return the SIM to the game. To enable full screen mode, you must enter in the console fullscreen.

If you want to enable the game design on the character, such as a diamond over it, a cloud of thoughts, the icon of the conversation, you need to enter headlineeffecton. To disable this feature, enter headlineeffectoff.

When you enter the code deacth.toggle in the console window, disables all the death of characters in the game.

Codes for the Sims 4 code developer

Before typing in any subsequent code, you must type in console developer code testingcheatsstrue. This code will allow you to edit the parameters of the character and will give you access to all of the following codes.

When you enter the cas code.fulleditmode opens new possibilities for editing of the character. To open the window, need to click on the SIM while holding the Shift button. The window is updated with the following features: ·

  • Resetobject – reboot of the character;
  • Add to family – adds the character to the family;
  • Mane happy – happy all the characters;
  • Enable motive decay – SIM's needs includes;
  • Disable motive decay – SIM's needs turns;
  • Modify in CAS – send a SIM to create a SIM where you can change his appearance.

When you enter the following codes in the console menu will increase the skills of your character.

  • stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking9 – increases the skill of the chef to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Bartending9 – increases skill ShowLine drinks up to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking9 – increases skill foodie to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening9 – increases the skill of the grower to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing9 – increases the ability of the fisherman to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Piano9 increases the ability to play the piano up to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Violin9 increases the ability to play the violin up to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar9 – increases the ability of the guitar to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness9 – increases fitness level up to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma9 increases the charm of the SIM up to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting9 – improves drawing skills up to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing9 – increases the skill of the writer to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Comedy9 – increases the skill of Comedy to level 9;
  • stats.Major_VideoGaming9 set_skill_level skill video games increases to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming9 – increases the skill of the programmer up to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level 23:24:36 Major_Logic9 increases the level of logic up to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Handiness9 increases mechanic skill up to level 9;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience9 – increases the skill of rocket scientists to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief9 – increases ability to do mischief to 9 level;
  • stats.set_skill_level Major_Reaping9 – increases skill work he died to 9 level.

When you enter the codes described below, increased career SIM.

  • careers.promote Culinary – increased career chef;
  • careers.promote Writer – increases the writer's career;
  • careers.promote Painter – increases the artist's career;
  • careers.promote Entertainer – increases the career of a performer;
  • careers.promote TechGuru – rising career of technical specialists;
  • careers.promote SecretAgent – increased career secret agent;
  • careers.promote Criminal – career offender increases;
  • careers.promote Astronaut – rising career of the astronaut.

To change the family's budget, you will need to enter the code money( ), where parentheses specify the amount to change the budget. To add money to the budget there is another code: sims.modify_funds( ), where in parentheses the amount for which it is necessary to increase the budget.

Upon entering the code sims.spawn on your plot teleport a random SIM. When you enter the code sims.spawnsimple( ), area teleports, the number of Sims, which is listed in parentheses.

If you enter the code sims.add_buffNPC_maid, then the SIM will get the appearance of dirty plates.