Advice 1: Where to hang a dream catcher

Dreamcatcher is a traditional native American charm. It is a circle of willow branches, braided threads and sinews of deer, decorated with beads and feathers. The main task of the catcher to "catch" bad dreams and good pass through the holes in his web.
Where to hang a dream catcher

How to make a Dreamcatcher...

According to legend, the Lakota Indian tribe, the elder had a vision: the teacher of wisdom, appeared to him in the guise of a spider wove a web around the willow branches and hung it on the bird's feathers. Each circle of the web symbolized the milestone in the life of man – infancy, youth, maturity and old age. In the center he left the circle. He told elder that through the hole of the wise and good thoughts will go to the person, and the rest will stay in the web.

To this day, not only among Indian tribes, but also among many peoples of the catcher remains an incredibly popular amulet. It is sold in every souvenir shop, but it is believed that the greatest power has a catch, made by their hands.
According to Ojibwe legend, Grandmother Spider taught Usabecause Indian women to weave in the world, so that through them she could protect all his people, who settled in America. The catcher should be eight lines – the number of legs of an arachnid.

The most powerful are also considered catchers from natural materials. To produce the required dense willow branches. Bend them in a circle incredibly difficult, so they are usually boiled in boiling water to impart elasticity. Then the circle pletetsya thick thread, sometimes with a purely decorative purpose there are interwoven beads. Be sure to attach the feathers symbolize air and freedom.

... and where to hang him

Accommodation in the house of the dream catcher there are three very important conditions. The first is free passage of air through the weave. Dreams of Indian philosophy come from outside and go there, so a good place would be the window through which the air flows and through which the catcher get sunlight. By the way, the sun is the second condition.

The third condition is the catcher should be hung near where you sleep.

The ideal position of the catcher above the bed near a window. You can hang the catcher on the chandelier in the center of the room or a doorway if you have no door.
Fishers use not only the Indians but also the shamans in Siberia. These amulets are necessary for spiritual practices - the day they accumulate dreams that night can be used to induce visions.

In any case it is impossible to weigh the catcher close to the wall. But then certainly one should not expect from him any magical properties – it will be just an element of decor.

By the way, many of the owners of the amulets say that the catcher not only delays the bad dreams, but it helps one to remember dreams, it is useful for those who like to use for interpretations dream interpretation.

On the other, Ojibwe legend, Grandmother Spider taught Usabecause Indian women to weave in the world, so that through them she could protect all his people, who settled in America. The catcher should be nine main lines – the number of legs of an arachnid.

Advice 2: How to make the sunchaser

The sunchaser made by hand, fill with brightness every day. The sun's rays penetrating through it, will sparkle and Shine, illuminating all the space around. Original accessory can be made together with the children.
How to make the sunchaser
You will need
  • - translucent beads;
  • - small holders-suction cups;
  • - twine;
  • - drill;
  • - drill;
  • cyanoacrylate;
  • - wires;
  • - scissors;
  • - non-stick molds, cutting for biscuit;
  • - non-stick form in the shape of a heart.
Pour the bag of translucent beads in a large bowl. Prepare a nonstick baking sheet, place it on the molds, to cutting cakes of different configurations.
Best suited nonstick molds, they beads not stick. Fill each silhouette cookie shape beads up to the top, but so it is not transferred through the rim.
Then proceed to making the sun catcher in the shape of a heart. Take a cake pan in the shape of a heart, fill it with beads, pre-placing into a large bowl and a small cutting heart cookie. Sprinkle the beads so that the small form was left blank.
Remove the extra balls that were accidentally scattered across the surface of the pan. Note that when melting the beads may appear pungent odor. So before you put the form in the oven, worry about good provetrivateli of the room.
Preheat the oven to 275°C, place a baking sheet with figures and shape-heart approximately 20 minutes or until the beads-the beads will not melt completely.
In this case, small forms were ready in 25 minutes and a big heart – after 35 minutes. During the "baking" should periodically check whether all the beads have melted, but not burned.
Removing it from the oven, let the products cool down. Each accessory drill the holes, insert the twine.
The dragonfly can be made of wire antennae and attach them with superglue. Hang the sun catcher with suction cups.
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