As a rule, in determining which way you need to sleep with his head and some legs, people rely on Eastern teachings – the rules of yoga and the same Feng Shui. According to them, every person has his own electromagnetic field, which is located on North head and South legs. Accordingly, in order to sleep well and feel rested after sleep, and cheerful, must meet, in coordination with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Yoga is recommended to select the direction of the dream so that the head was located in the Northern or North-Eastern direction.
They argue that if the layout is such that to put the bed headboard to the North is not possible, try to place the head at least to the East.

How to sleep according to Feng Shui

But the most popular is the Chinese theory of Feng Shui. And it is most often based choosing the optimal place to sleep.

You can go the hard way and calculate the ideal number Gua. According to the Chinese doctrine of people are divided into two groups: Eastern and Western. And for each of the groups has its own direction to sleep better with his head. This is due to the fact that for some, the position of the head to the North can mean health, success in love Affairs, and for the third – an illness. It is therefore very important to understand the number of Gua, you have to avoid accidental trouble. To calculate it the following formula: add the last two digits of your year of birth. If the result of such manipulation turned out a two-digit number, add it again. Further, the calculation for men suggests that the resulting figure be subtracted from the number 10. Women also have to add to the number of figure 5.

People with Gua number 1,3,4,9 belong to the category of Eastern. Those who have turned 2,5,6,7,8 – in the West. Those who belong to the East, should choose to sleep directions head North, East, South, South-East. Westerners can sleep with his head in the direction of the northeast, southwest, West, Northwest.
Accurately determine the light in the apartment you will help ordinary compass. Can be purchased as a separate device, or use special programs that today large quantities are available for smartphones and tablets.

Also, remember that there are three basic rules that, according to the Chinese, will help to normalize and harmonize your sleep. The first rule States that in any case you can't sleep neither head nor feet to the door. Also you should avoid installing the bed under bare ceiling beam. According to the third rule, it is impossible to put the bed against the wall, which is adjacent to the door. If this is unavoidable, refrain from sleeping with his back to the wall.

The choice of direction for sleeping with his head on the headboard

The shape of the headboard, according to scientists, also has an impact on human sleep. For example, if you want to succeed in their profession, sleep with his head to the wooden headboard square shape.

Businessmen and officials are recommended to choose a bed with a metal back, oval or semicircular in shape, so they came to success.

The ideal backrest for creative people – wavy. But from the triangle options should be abandoned. To sleep head to such only those who basically sleeps little or not at all love the process.