Administrator of the restaurant or bar is also called a Manager or supervisor. The essence does not change. This is a man who a lot in the restaurant and without which not to manage.

How to get a job as a administrator?

There are two most common options, as are administrators at the restaurant. The first can be called career growth. I.e. this position receives the one who for some time he worked in a restaurant, for example, a waiter or a cook. The caveat is that this man must have organizational skills and desire to work well.

The second option is that employees have received the necessary specialty and he has a document proving that he has skills in this area. Organizational skills still needed.

Duties of the administrator

One of the duties is the appointment of staff at work. It is quite difficult and responsibly. Work in a restaurant, nightclub or café very often attracts dishonest people, dishonest. For them, work in a similar establishment method to make money and improve their financial condition not only of the hard-earned money. In such cases, the administrator needed insight and the ability to nip these tendencies in man. After all, misconduct and unfair work of one employee can ruin the reputation of the entire institution.
It is equally important that new employees fit into an existing team. Depends on the quality of work the entire restaurant.

Even the duties of a good Manager include knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette and monitor their compliance from all personnel. Such monitoring will help to minimize unpleasant situation, and overlap between staff and clients.
A good administrator needs to carry out from time to time, various trainings for staff working in the hall. They can discuss conflict situations that arise and their solutions.

The administrator must be able to work with various cash registers, it's good to have special programs to be used on the public catering enterprises. Also the necessary skills to use PC.

Else duties of a Manager of a restaurant or cafe is considered to be management, communication with higher authorities, scheduling of all staff and monitoring compliance and execution of all the instructions.

It may seem that being an administrator is quite difficult. But if you have organizational skills and a great desire to work and learn something new, then this activity will be fun.