What is required of press Secretary

The press Secretary will be indispensable in any company, which plans to create a positive image in the press and maintain it with the assistance of a qualified employee. Can not do without a press Secretary and such public personalities as the stars of show business, politicians, athletes and so on.

From the press Secretary requires the availability of higher education in journalism, advertising or PR management and international relations or languages. Employers usually recruit press secretaries with experience at least three years in media or PR field, excellent knowledge of English language and photography skills.

The duties of press Secretary are determined by the degree of creativity required in his work. So, he can give interviews if necessary, and may constantly display various media information on the activities of the person or organization he represents.
Since the press Secretary must provide purely objective data, it has no right to Express their point of view when dealing with journalists.

In addition, the press Secretary is obliged to cover all activities undertaken by its company or employer, held together with journalists, public events, prepare programs for radio or television, to organize briefings to inform the media about all organizational changes.

Professional duties of the press Secretary

The primary professional duty of a qualified press Secretary is to promote a positive image of his employer. This concept includes many different functions that it must perform in a timely manner and with maximum quality. The duties of the press Secretary included working with advertising agencies and mass media, maintaining company website and corporate pages in all social networks, organization of conferences, interviews and briefings.
Besides, a press-the Secretary shall be fluent in the preparation of competent releases, articles, speeches, and informational booklets.

Also, the press Secretary of the organization requires communication of his head with the reporters pre-interview proofreading for errors, tracking of all kinds of material relating to his employer and their registration in the archive. In addition, the press Secretary is responsible for monitoring changes in the media market and the formation of its media database.