Documents required for entry into Abkhazia

The citizens of the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine and other former CIS countries for entry into the territory of Abkhazia do not require a visa. Russian citizens over the age of 18 at the border can present a valid Russian or passport.

Children under 14 years of age to cross the border under the current passports of the parents with whom they travel. In the case of support of a child only one parent he must have a notarized permission to travel from the other parent. If he travels to Abkhazia with the third parties, the child must have a birth certificate with the loose leaf about citizenship and notarized permission to travel from both parents or guardians. Otherwise it will not pass through the border.

Citizens of former CIS countries for entry into the territory of Abkhazia should be present at the border a valid passport. The children with whom they travel, they also must be issued a passport and exit permit from the parent not around at the border crossing.

What to visit in Abkhazia

Abkhazia attracts tourists for a beach holiday on the Black sea, which in this place is much cleaner than on the coast of the Krasnodar region. Swim and sunbathe from early may to mid-October on the beaches of Gagra, Pitsunda and New Athos. For tourists there are hotels and rent apartments in the private sector.

There you can go sightseeing and visit nearby attractions. In Gagra, for example, is to go to a large Park with exotic plants and walk around Old Gagra. In New Athos, you can take a guided tour to the caves, to climb a mountain in new Athos monastery or take a walk at the local surrounded by green Park with small waterfalls.

Special attention deserves the lake Ritsa, located to the East of the Gagra ridge and surrounded on three sides by mountains. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Abkhazia. There you can rent a boat with a guide and enjoy the blue water and green mountains.

Also in Abkhazia, you can visit the relict Pitsunda grove with a length of 7 km, take a trip to lake Inkit trips through the mountains by jeep. Interesting and the capital Sukhumi, where tourists should visit the Abkhazian state Museum, Botanical garden, monkey or the Abkhaz state theatre.