Cool ending foreign passports are countries – Croatia and Montenegro. In Croatia you can fly, provided that your passport will be valid after returning for one day. For Montenegro this time increases to two weeks. The nearest Ukraine do not require a passport for entry, so the warm sea of the Crimea will remain available to the citizens of Russia always.
Liberal in relation to passports Egypt, Turkey, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Tunisia. On the websites of the major travel agencies sometimes indicated that there may be problems with the entry on the passport with validity less than six months. But the positive experience suggests that the vast majority of such "risky" entries into these countries won't have any questions or problems. The only thing is, sometimes when buying a round, when the passport is valid for less than six months, you may be asked to make a receipt that you take responsibility for the potential difficulties associated with the terminated passport. If suddenly while passing through customs you will not miss, the travel Agency is obliged to pay you compensation, and such receipt releases the operator from this obligation.
In that case, if your passport will be valid for three months after intended travel, you can fly to most European countries, with some exceptions. For example, the UK requires that your passport be valid for six months on the date of submission of documents to the Embassy for a visa.
If the validity of your passport ends within six months (from the beginning of the trip), you will be able to visit Israel, Venezuela. If it is valid six months from the end of the trip, you can go just about anywhere – India, Ireland, Cambodia, Chile, Thailand and other countries are open for you.