Advice 1: What is the average penis size in men

Men looking at a woman can almost always understand what her breast size, what shape. Girls often expects a surprise, since the first glance at the appearance size of a man's penis can be determined.
What is the average penis size in men

Interesting question about men

In the mind of some women, sometimes the question arises: what is the average penis size among men in different countries and different nationalities?

If you take the CIS countries, in the process of interviews revealed a curious fact that the size of manhood depends on nutrition and the place of residence of the man. To move farther away to the West and North, the more increases in average penile length. Of the inhabitants of the CIS countries except for Georgian men. They have sex on average more than all other men who live in the countries being former USSR.
The average size of the dignity of men living in the CIS, is 14.5-15 cm.

And if you take the different States in the world? In Korea the average penis size is 9.6 cm, and Colombia 13.9 cm, Chile – 14 cm, Saudi Arabia 12.4 cm, India 10.2 cm, Greece – 12,18 cm, in Mexico is 14.9 cm, and Venezuela 12.7 cm, Italy 15 cm, Brazil 12.4 cm, Japan, 13 cm, France 16 cm, Spain – 13,58 cm in Germany – 14,48 cm, in USA – 12,9 cm

If we take the average of study of the merits of men around the world, it turns out this division: micro penis up to 12 cm, a small penis is 12-15 cm, the average penis is 15-17 cm, a large penis is 17-20 cm, extremely large penis – 20 cm
The biggest officially registered penis was in length of 33.5 cm, and the smallest 7 inches.

The ratio of men and women to the penis size

Men often wonder what the size of the penis can be considered average for some items compared penises, what size is needed when the sexual act and how you can increase the size. Why men are interested in these questions? The stronger sex was accustomed themselves to evaluate, from an objective point of view, but from the standpoint of comparing yourself with other men. In the end, a man trying to find confirmation of the fact that this celebration of life it did not last.

What do you think about this woman? In most cases they do not pay attention to the size of the penis. More important for them to be close to them was a man who loved them, cared for them, was a strong, beautiful, able to financially provide for children, and generally be a good husband and father. And when you have sex the length of the penis plays virtually no role, if he's not the biggest or the smallest. Main in bed for men is the ability to arouse a woman and to act correctly as a whole, not the size of the penis.

Advice 2: What is the length of a normal penis

Men have different length penises. Someone long, others shorter. What sizes are considered normal?
What is the length of a normal penis
Most men is large enough to be good partners. But men constantly compare the size of his "dignity" with other people's penises. Often they do not take into account one thing - your cock man sees at an angle, it visually shortens it.

Almost 90% of men penis in a calm state has a length of from 8 to 12 cm, However, the dimension of the penis in a calm state is not accurate, because the size of the unexcited penis depend on temperature, mood and other factors. Therefore, to determine the size of the phallus should be in the excited state. According to research by Richard Edwards, in the excited state, the members are divided along the length into small (up to 14 cm), medium (14 – 16 cm) and large (over 16 cm). In this study the scientist Edwards has found that 69 % of men the length of the penis in erection are more than 16 see

Considered normal dimensions of the penis 10 – 19 cm in erection. If the length of the phallus is less than 5 cm is micropenis, more than 20 cm – megalopenis. Giant members (those shown in porn movies) are only 1% of men and often cause them trouble than joy (to achieve the erection they need a large amount of blood).

Unlike a boy from a girl appears in prenatal development from 8 weeks. Under the action of male hormones at the time of birth, the penis grows to normal length (about 4 cm in infants). Factors that hinder the production of sex hormone impact on penis size. Low or high levels of testosterone in adolescence determines what size of penis will in the future, men.

How to correctly measure penis length? Measurements should be made at room temperature, standing up with a ruler in hand. Measure from the pubis to the end of the head at the back (top surface) in a state of erection. It is necessary to make several measurements on different days. The obtained results are averaged. Measurements performed lying down, sitting or on the underside of the penis, is not valid. It is worth considering that a reduction in the length may flaccid erection and excessive deposition of fat in the pubic area.

With age, the length of the penis may decrease. This is due to the fact that during aging the number of elastic fibers decreases both in the body and in the penis.
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