Kitten take in hand and up his tail. Eyes gaze at the two holes. The catsecond is closer to the tummy is genitourinary, the second under the tail – anal or anus.
в разном возрасте у кошки
If the urinary hole will have a slightly elongated shape in the form of a slot, it is a cat.
как определить возраст кота
In addition, cats sex slit is located closer to the anus – the second hole than cats.
сколько кошке лет
Have a catof IR between the urogenital opening and the anus are two small tubercles. This testicles, but sometimes due to the omission of the peritoneum are almost invisible, especially in infants catYat. In such cases, if you want to determine the gender of the catkitten, not having to compare his brothers from the litter, can be difficult.
к какому возрасту у котят формируются половые органы
In adult males sexual characteristics are visible very well. Mature cats can be distinguished from females by the protruding testicles.
Можно ли отличить кота от кошки по морде
Determining sex catENKA it is possible to do by his color. Almost never a tri-color cats with red spots, such as tortoiseshell or other.