The emergence of feelings of love

In a girl's life there comes a time when it becomes ready for a relationship with the opposite sex. One of feelings of love is not enough, I want a gentle embrace, touching and kissing. The emergence of such feelings has a direct effect the guy who managed to awaken the senses. This time it is important not to miss and to start acting. The girl's nature was given beauty, round shape, long hair, alluring eyes. These "weapons" you need to learn how to use it, as it can be used to control men. Everything comes with experience, important not to overdo it with playful eyes or outright gasps, so as not to startle his love. The girl must always remain a mystery, it is not necessary at the first meeting to disclose all their cards. The intrigue and veiled light is able to seize the boy at the time, that's enough, he began to fall in love.

To act

The girl should monitor their appearance, manner of communication. You need to learn how to present yourself properly and forget about the complexes. Shyness is partly colors girl, but as socializing and Dating with the person the stiffness should go away. You need to choose the right tactics of communication. Rude, notesnote can scare the guy. A girl should always be feminine even in a sports suit and sneakers. Guys want to feel themselves soldiers and defenders, they should be allowed to do it, to give from time to time over the reins.

Under the rolling stone gathers no moss. So stop sitting at home behind a computer, you need to go to the movies, theaters, clubs is a suitable place for Dating. It is a mistake to think that the Prince will come and knock at the right door, while she was lying on the sofa. Active position when choosing a boyfriend has never stopped anyone. But we should not impose themselves, to work hard to reach location. Man the hunter, and the girl only needs a little to entice to his side.

If the girl has no boyfriend, it is quite likely that she's not ready for a relationship. It is not any deviation. In this case, no need to hurry, at a young age there are many important and interesting things: studies, Hobbies, self-development. The time will come or there will be people who will cause a huge and strong feeling.