What women don't get to have a family?

Well, firstly, it is the psychological unwillingness of the woman to have a family. It can say that has matured for marriage and for family, but really, deep down, afraid of this responsibility, afraid of losing freedom, afraid not make it in their careers. Secondly, it was the unwillingness, or rather, the fear of man to start a family. In the beginning of the relationship all is going well: flowers, dates, gifts, but when it comes to marriage, the partner is changing dramatically in terms of behavior. He tries not to see his companion ignores her, and soon all breaks up with her. And it happens every time, every relationship ends with wedding talk.

What can occur this problem?

Women zealously sure that man needs the power to push to the registry office to get married myself, and to do so almost two months after Dating. This is the main mistake! Not in a hurry "to push" the man under the crown, when need be, he will Mature. Due to the fact that women are starting to rush things, men flee. A man must give to come to terms psychologically with the fact that he is ready to be a husband and father, and it is not a quick process.

Not every man needs to have a family. Woman upset over dozen unsuccessful attempts to get married, but it's just that it's not their man! It happens! There are some signs that your current companion is your man, and that he will soon be ready for the wedding:

He tells everyone that he loves his woman. Loving man always tells everyone (your friends, relative, friend) only the good reviews about his woman. Most importantly, he always talks about it. If he does, it means that he wants to say that this woman is his, and it is dangerous to infringe.

The man says honestly. If he loves his partner, then tell her right in the eye. If she liked him immediately and he's ready to start a family, the woman finds out in a week, a month, tops.

The man cares about his beloved. He pays for her in the cafe, helping to carry the things home again. These seemingly small things, but how important they are in creating a family. Your man will be a caring husband.

Psychology of relationships is complicated. Find your man, it is sometimes incredibly difficult. But, if a woman found the same man, she should not rush it, you need to give time for him to take this important step in his life.