Causes of heat stroke

Cause of heat stroke can be physical stress, fatigue, excessive absorption of food, as well as high temperature or high humidity, tight clothing. Heat stroke can happen not only under the rays of the sun. If the person is in a stuffy, unventilated room, the threat of overheating is high.

The first signs

Overheating of the body can be found at the primary characteristics. These include dizziness, headache, fatigue and lethargy. The face becomes red, reduced hearing. Body temperature can rise to 40 degrees, sometimes it opens vomiting and diarrhea, appear hallucinations and delusions. If time does not eliminate the causes of overheating of the body, further followed by heat stroke. In this case, the patient loses consciousness, the skin becomes cold and pale blue. People sweating and heart rate it is virtually not detectable. Next may happen death.

First aid

In heat stroke the person should be moved into the shade or a cool room, lay it so the head was raised. Then you gently release it from the clothes or at least unzip it. The whole body need to wipe with cold water or wrap in wet tissue (sheet). If the case is severe — you need to douse the victim with cold water.

Be sure to put a cold compress on the forehead, the head and start soldering with cold water. In this case, useful tincture of Valerian. 15-20 drops dissolved in one third Cup of water and give to the victim. To excite a person's breath after a heat stroke several times to his nose, gently bring the cotton wool with ammonia, until breathing is restored.

If the person lost consciousness, stopped breathing and his pulse is not palpable, prior to the arrival of an ambulance need to do artificial respiration and chest compressions.

Risk group

At risk of heat stroke in the first place, get people who are overweight and those who have problems with heart and blood vessels. This group includes people who abuse alcohol. Small children, because of age physiological characteristics, also quickly overheat.

To avoid becoming a victim of heat exhaustion, stuffy room should be aired, and being under the scorching sun - periodically relax in the shade, pour cold water or swimming. Must be the required amount of water to support sweating. It should be remembered that the more a person drinks, the more sweat. The sweat evaporates from the surface of the body, contributes to its cooling.