Advice 1: How dangerous blows to the solar plexus

Solar plexus – a set of nerve endings that are concentrated in the abdominal cavity of man. It includes a set of nodes that are moving away from each other like the sun – hence the solar plexus got its name. A blow to this region may cause shortness of breath, severe pain and even death.
How dangerous blows to the solar plexus

The location of the solar plexus

The solar plexus is located just below the sternum and is situated right in the centre close to the heart. Point is located approximately in the region of the stomach, namely in the area where the abdominal cavity starts and ends on the thorax. Blow in this area can inflict serious injury that may lead to the interception of breath and temporary loss of consciousness.
Especially when serious injury is possible death.


A strong enough blow to the solar plexus can cause the diaphragm rupture and displacement of the intestinal loops in the chest when struck in the solar plexus upward. This contributes to hernia. Most often after a blow to the solar plexus appears shortness of breath, and the man falls to the ground. In this case, the possible temporary loss of consciousness or death.

There are cases of occurrence of pain in the solar plexus after a while after the attack. Burning pain serves as a signal about malfunctions in the body, which must soon be corrected. Depending on the nature of the pain can be a cause of such feelings. Pain, for example, may be heart failure or acute infection. Also likely to cause problems in the digestive system, including exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease. Amid the pain may experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and General weakness.


Physical exercises aimed at the development of chest muscles that can create additional protection for the nerves, located in the solar plexus. Frequent exercise promotes muscle growth, protects the beam from damage.
The solar plexus the bones are not protected, and therefore vulnerable to accidental or, conversely, focus of enemy attacks.

During the fight must protect his solar plexus and the entire chest. The battle should assess the possibility of enemy in the area and to protect it properly. With a successful hit in the chest you will be able to send his opponent down and thereby disorient him to stop the fight or further actions against you.

Advice 2: Talking about strong pain in the solar plexus

A nervous plexus situated in the anterior part of the peritoneum under the connection point of the two lower ribs, is called "solar". The fact that the nodes of this plexus in different directions depart nerves, like sunlight. Some people complain about pain in the solar plexus. Why it may occur?
Talking about strong pain in the solar plexus
Next to the solar plexus, there are several organs – stomach, duodenum, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, liver. Therefore, severe pain in the solar plexus can be a symptom of the disease of any of these bodies.

What kinds of diseases can cause pain in the solar plexus

Very often the cause of such pain is gastritis or inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Gastritis often coexists with duodenitis, i.e., inflammation of the duodenum, which also causes pain.

Severe pain can be caused by a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. In this disease, often an additional symptom of vomiting after which the pain noticeable decreases).

For accurate diagnosis it is recommended to do a gastroscopy. It is quite an unpleasant procedure, but it is better to endure several minutes of discomfort, to determine the cause of pain.Besides, with the help of a gastroscopy may be in time, at an early stage to detect stomach cancer.

Strong, sharp pain in the solar plexus may be caused by an attack of pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas. In such cases you should immediately consult a doctor. The delay may lead to irreversible lesions of the pancreas and life.

Often pain in the solar plexus indicate problems with the gall bladder. Only recently, a gallbladder disease was mainly a lot of older people, but now such problems increasingly faced by people middle-aged and even young age. Regular pain can be signs of difficulties with the outflow of bile and the possible formation of stones. If the gall bladder has formed stones, it is necessary to do operation to remove them and in the most severe cases to remove the entire gallbladder.

What to do for pain in the solar plexus

Besides the already mentioned procedure, gastroscopy, it is necessary to do an ultrasound, and if necessary, additional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). After diagnosis it is necessary to strictly comply with the prescription. In addition to medical therapy (or surgery if absolutely necessary), it is necessary to follow a diet, minimize consumption of alcoholic beverages, to refrain from strong disturbances, stress. And, of course, need to undergo regular re-examination.
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