Advice 1: What is the happiest sign of the Zodiac

All twelve signs of the zodiac are constantly competing with each other, and each tries to prove that he is "most-most". The smartest, most successful, kindest, most responsible, And what sign is the most happy?
What is the happiest sign of the Zodiac

Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius

If happiness is to be a highly spiritual man, the spiritually "advanced" signs Pisces, Aquarius and Sagittarius. Pisces definitely have a connection with higher powers, in that they are "helping" Neptune. They can even communicate with God, to have powers of clairvoyants and psychics. Whether these abilities happiness? Possible. Since Pisces is compassionate, can empathize and come to the rescue, like people, likely people answer them the same.

Sagittarius – philosopher and spiritual teacher. His strength is his optimism and ability to inspire optimism in others. For this great quality, make life happier, Archers should thank your ruler Jupiter. Healthy optimism and faith in the future – the necessary prerequisites in order to be happy.

Unconditional and absolute sign of the future, Aquarius. His spiritual power – the ability to break stereotypes. Aquarius can live as he likes. His patron Uranium allows him to go beyond his own "I". He behaves freely and listens to the inner voice, staying free from the influences and conventions of the outside world. Perhaps, freedom is happiness.

Tauruses, Cancers, Capricorns

If happiness is wealth. The most rich of the Zodiac signs are the easiest can become Taurus. He is renowned for ability to earn money because it is an Earth sign, the fixed sign. Taurus is not only can make money, but can accumulate and will never become a big spender. Taurus lives in comfort, delicious eats and surrounds himself with fine things. For many this is a sign of a happy man.

Prone to wealth and also Cancers. They have a strong position, is perfectly able to accumulate wealth and tied to what you have.

Another earth sign – Capricorn. It is not interested in making or saving money, and career growth. Capricorns know how to satisfy their own ambitions which they have so little. They make high achievements and can influence others.

The most-Gemini

Rich both spiritually and materially are Twins. This is a unique sign with optimism, cunning, astuteness, breadth of views. The richness of the Twins is not in money but in ideas. But with these ideas, Gemini may well be successful. Gemini are the luckiest sign. They are always in the right place at the right time. Their natural optimism, cheerfulness and ability to find a way out of any situation gives them the right to be called the luckiest sign of the zodiac.

Advice 2 : Which Zodiac signs are the luckiest

Planning child, every parent thinks that his kid was the most - most, that is skillfully combined in himself intelligence, beauty, health, luck, and other important characteristics that somehow can guarantee a happy and comfortable life. Astrologers believe that luck can really plan, because there are some lucky ones among the representatives of the Zodiacal circle.
Which Zodiac signs are the luckiest
It has long been known that each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has its own exclusive features in front of the other, each something succeeds and behind. According to astrological studies, one of the strongest characters with different sensitivity and a certain sentimentality, are Fish that embody some kind of internal energy that is not so easy to break the daily misery of ordinary human life.
Passionate and energetic, Aries are considered the most sexual sign, they ascribe the activity and a special attraction that makes them invincible in the love arena. Horizma, or internal charm - that's what distinguishes Rams amid weaker opponents.
Vengeful and somewhat treacherous Scorpio doesn't know "brakes", it has a sophisticated mind and therefore can become the most dangerous of enemies. But the most loyal are considered to be Virgo, a partner next to them feels confident and immensely happy that he can rely on his mate. Cancer is the sign of family, the happiness he is looking for and find in the family, in a warm cozy house, in a cheerful cry of many children.
Appearance is half of what is necessary to the successful man, that is why Sagittarians can feel confident to identify themselves to the rank of the lucky ones, favorites of fortune. Well-built with very harmonious structure of the body they tend to skillfully use their attraction, given them by nature. A kind and a truly big heart is inherent in the Taurus, they carry some inner warmth and enlightenment to those around them and themselves.
Gemini - cheerful optimists. In 90 percent of cases they are extremely good luck and can therefore be honorably ranked in the fight for the title of "the luckiest zodiac."
Generous Leo's really selfish, he will do everything to achieve goals and fulfil their innermost desires, these people just love to be the center of attention, catches the eye of fans and cause a storm of applause, and this, by the way, they are not so bad at it.
Do not have, as they say, a hundred units of money, and a hundred friends. This proverb are very friendly and sociable Libra, They can not tolerate loneliness, and happiness and good fortune attract new relationships and best Dating. It's not the spoilt darlings of fortune, but very successful people.
Secretive and seemingly indifferent Capricorns do not go on about their own emotions and achieve goals through an approach to business with "a cool head". Lucky they are unlikely to call, but diligently to be appropriate.
If you had a chance encounter with an Aquarius, you know, next to you the person, whose head is constantly overcome with new brilliant ideas, despite the impatience and a certain laziness of their invention can bring them fortune and fame.
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