Diseases of the digestive system are the most common in the North after diseases of the circulatory system and cancer. The digestive processes in extreme conditions are slower, and proper nutrition in the North you must take the system generated by the local population. Explorer of the North Yu Mason in his works writes: "the Natives use in eating large amounts of meat and fish. This contributes to the formation of the lipid type of energy metabolism. European type balanced diet is characterized by the use in eating large amounts of carbohydrates. Lipid metabolism more appropriate in conditions of the far North". Thus, the basis of the diet northerner must be the products obtained from the nature of the region: fish is the main protein resource of venison is the source of essential amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, berries (cloudberries, lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries, Shiksha) – a storehouse of vitamins. At the same time neglect the imported fruit is grown who knows where and ripped off the green, they will not bring much benefit to the body.
Do not forget that the Northern fish and deer meat – a favorite place of residence of a danger to human health parasites. Always inspect the fish and meat, do not eat raw and undercooked fish, good cook skewers. In the preparation of domestic preparations be especially careful, prefer repapering fish and caviar.
Sedentary lifestyle, caused by a protracted cold winters and short warm period, is one of the main factors of low immunity, diseases of the circulatory system and many other problems. In the North it is especially important to do sport, to increase physical activity. Give the child to sports section, do sport for yourself, go to the rink even in cold weather, ride the slide along with your toddler, tempered, immunity northerners are much weaker than the immunity of the inhabitants of the middle band, strengthen it!
The reduction of daylight associated with the polarity in the North, and, as a consequence, prolonged exposure under artificial lighting lead to early impairment of vision. Spend time on the exercises for the eyes and forbid your children to read books under the covers!
For people adapted to the conditions of life in the far North, moving South, and abrupt climate change is extremely harmful. At such moments, all your strength is spent exclusively on adaptation to new conditions, so to benefit from the resort the body can not. Choose to relax the regions with a mild climate, avoid tropical countries, prefer the most favorable for your body periods – spring, Indian summer, early autumn. Don't neglect your health!