How to establish the connection with the body?

If the person lives outside the city, from early morning to walk barefoot in the dew. Better yet would be to run barefoot on the morning grass and feel the connection with nature. Sometimes, because of the stuffy big cities people do not go to the country and living in private homes just do not understand their superiority over the inhabitants of the big city.

You must learn to respect the desires of the body and listen to signals. For example, many after the red meat starts heaviness in the abdomen, and some is subconscious denial of dairy products. But imposed by society stereotypes, are forced to mock the body and push in it that it strongly refuses to accept. This way you can lose with it psychological harmony. Sometimes you need to listen to the signals and to choose those products that are less harmful to the body.

A morning in a hurry, just rinsed under the shower, and if you sleep through the alarm, and do not have time. This they deprive the body of proper care and affection. You can Wake up early for a few minutes and to pay attention to him, for example, slowly lubricate the skin with a fragrant lotion.

Many girls have problems with a figure, which they often criticize your body. Not surprisingly, in such cases, sometimes powerless even the most strict diets. Thoughts are material, and given this fact, it will be clear why not disappears hated the stomach. You can change the attitude to this problem and to try to love her body the way it is. Then, finding harmony, with time to notice that the positive mood of the abdomen or thighs get smaller, and the body is becoming healthier.

Stress and nervous tension can not be attributed to the ways that can help in achieving harmony with yourself. Today there is a practice of meditation based on deep breathing. It can be done even sitting in the office. Just you have to take deep breaths, trying to clear the mind at least for 5-10 minutes. This workout will help to avoid nervous exhaustion and to keep harmony with yourself.

Often modern girl, trying to keep up with the latest fashion, forget about the fact that the body in some clothes or shoes uncomfortable. Do not blindly follow fashion. Something can, of course, to see for yourself and purchase a pair of fashionable trousers or cardigans, but only if the clothing conforms to inner peace. There are those people who are followers of fashion past go and not feel retarded life with comfort and confidence in yourself and your body.

As you can see, the body is a temple for the soul. Losing connection with them, you can lose control of the soul and mind, and, as a consequence of such negligence, to gain a lot of health problems. And timely maintenance of spiritual and physical harmony will help to keep a youthful spirit and good health.