Use walk

Walking foot helpful and versatile. It allows you to involve not only the legs but the whole body. Even a small rate makes work our bodies in a different rhythm. Particularly noteworthy is the use of a walk for the spine. It has a special influence on our lives. Thanks to the strong and smooth spine of the human body take the correct position.

If quite a lot of walking, tissue of the vertebrae and joints are massaged and strengthened. This is due to the fact that when you stress the muscle mass of the blood falls even in the most difficult places, enriching all the necessary oxygen. A slight wiggle each vertebra providing a relaxing massage effect.

Walking has a positive effect on every organ, saturating with oxygen. Similar walks are expelled from the tissues of the harmful toxins. If you regularly walk, much less chance of problems with blood vessels and heart. Normal pressure and from the body goes cholesterol.

Do not miss the point that obesity is recommended to move a lot and walk. So, if you have even minor problems with excess weight, walking will always come to your aid. A half-hour of Hiking will help to reduce the risk of vascular diseases, to relieve dyspnea, normalize blood pressure, strengthen bones and muscles, relieve stress.

Useful tips

The duration and intensity of walking should wear adequate. Start Hiking you need with a gradual load. Do not chase a fast result. Otherwise, you will quickly get tired and you get tired of it. To begin, try to go longer than faster. Thus, you will train endurance. Over time, you will be able to increase the speed.
After 2-3 months of regular walking, you will bring the average speed of 100-110 steps per minute.

Experts recommend to walk a lot. Is – daily for 40-60 minutes. Here it is worth considering your own workload and employment, as in the modern world not everyone can afford such trips. However, you should strive to benchmark.
After even a small break to start again should walk with small loads. Then you can gradually raise the bar to the result you achieved earlier.

The maximum benefit from walking, you can retrieve in that case, if the shoulders are extended and the spine is in the upright position. Prohibited slouch while walking. Learn to walk straight and gracefully.