How long can you live without food?

How long you can go without eating depends on various factors. According to doctors, a normal healthy person can do not eat for about 2 months, approximately 60 days. However, it should be drinking water, otherwise 5-7 days, death can occur from dehydration. How many people can live without food depends mainly on its body weight, health, willpower, endurance, and climatic conditions.

Of course, people in excellent physical shape is able to go without food for a long time, but his body must be adequate supply of fat. The human body processes food and then leaves reserve fats, proteins and carbohydrates. If necessary, it splits them into energy. When a person uses up their reserves, his body no longer receives the nutrients and energy. Because of this, he begins to slowly die.

What happens to the human body when fasting?

During fasting the human body is a lot of new processes. The body goes to the domestic security and first uses to maintain its vital fat stores, and then switches to muscle. During this period, significantly reduced the metabolism and the body's response slowed down significantly. When human exposure during fasting, cold weather, stress or viral infections can also cause the increase calorie consumption.

So that for a long time without food, a person needs to have large fat reserves, be in good physical condition to economize energy. After you exit the starvation may encounter some discomfort when eating. We should not immediately overload your stomach, it is best to start with small portions and then gradually increase their volume. After some time the body will get used and will once again normally respond to incoming food.

Who can live without food longer?

The average person can live without food for about 20-25 days, if we are talking about a man weighing 70 kg. Oddly enough, the fairer sex and the elderly can go without food for a little longer. According to statistics, without food the first die boys 15-17 years, and then Mature men, older people, and the last dying woman.

As a rule, death by starvation occurs when the loss of the initial weight is 30 to 40%. However, as they say, every rule has its exceptions.

For example, a case included in the "Guinness Book of world records" when a woman in Africa can survive without food for as much as 102 days. Some people can survive without food for 50 days, while others are killed on day 15.