A common myth about hares

One can often hear the opinion that zaychiha after birth of the offspring is feeding him and immediately leaves forever. This opinion is very common. Furthermore, science knows that hares and rabbits are of particular fertility, zaychiha again covered in a couple of weeks after delivery and for one season brings a viable calves several times.

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Given these facts, the expression "breed like rabbits" has a rather negative connotation, reflecting the conviction for neglect of their offspring. Meanwhile, with the opinion that zaychiha - this is another mother-the cuckoo, is to argue, as it is not quite true.

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Take care leaving

Yes, Yes. So paradoxically could be the slogan mothers-zaichyk. Because, in fact, baby rabbits are born right on target with erect ears, and only one thing distinguishes them from adults: they do not emit any odors that would allow predators to locate them. The only place where there are sweat glands that emit a pungent smell is the soles of the feet, but in the absence of the mother chips sitting almost motionless, pursing his feet under him, which makes it impossible to track them down, even the sharp scent of a Fox.

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Feeding rabbits is very fatty milk, which is digested for about 3 to 4 days, the mother instinctively leaving leverets, so its smell does not attract attention, and to feed itself. After the specified time it returns, not forgetting thoroughly confused traces.

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Another point is that upon returning, the detection of the offspring to the mother is the same difficulty as enemies. Perhaps that is why nature provides one more feature: if zaychiha run into other people's cubs, she will feed as their own, and some other mom probably cares about her leverets.

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But after a week or two newborns I'll try the grass will begin to feed themselves and scatter in different directions into adulthood. And his mother will soon bring a new as the number of fans hare in nature leaves no choice.