You will need
  • In order to give up eating, you'll need iron willpower, and the desire to get rid of this problem.
Motivate yourself to refusal of food. Hang on a refrigerator your picture and the one of the most pretty models or Actresses. This will allow you less time looking for food.
Perform General cleaning in the kitchen. Get rid of the excess food. Invite friends and cook a big dinner or give it to the needy. So you don't have to exercise iron willpower every time I walk past the kitchen. Remember that this time in your refrigerator should be only the necessary amount of food.
Go to the store, only having a list of products that need to buy. Don't listen to the inner voice who encourages you to stay at the shelves of chocolate and chips. Do not eat out. The delicious smell will make you eat more than you need.
Never eat in front of the TV or computer. Make eating a separate time it would be better if 3-4 times a day.
Never sedate stress and depression. Remember that this can lead to even greater health problems.