Advice 1: How to make tattoo machine at home

To get an original tattoo on the body, not necessarily to buy tattoo supplies or to contact the webmaster for a fortune. This uncomplicated device, as the tattoo machine can be done independently.
How to make tattoo machine at home
You will need:
- motor (can be from the player, only with plastic roller);
- wire;
- string (the thinnest);
- gel pen;
- power supply and mount motor (metal clip-holder from the handle).
How to make tattoo machine at home
Gel pen, Unscrew it and remove the paint. Of the metal rod "pick out" the ball, using a needle. Grind off the tip with a file to fit the string and move freely back and forth.
The tube handles are pruned twice to save the string and the convenience in use. Tube that the paint was cut off, leaving a piece the size of like half of the previous tube. It will restrict the vibration of the string during operation.
How to make tattoo machine at home
Go to the motor. To attach the motor to the tube, take the metal holder from the handle and just tape the tape to the motor. Make a small hole in the shaft of a motor with a red-hot needle the size of a string (not centered).
How to make tattoo machine at home
Measure out the desired length of the string. Pull it with a pliers and then heated with a lighter in the place where her future sharp tip. She is hot, become thinner and burst. Sharpen the string, using the stone for turning knives. Insert the string so that the tip was peeking out from the rod 4 mm, and the second end of the folded string with the letter G and inserted into the hole in the cushion. Twisted wire mikromotorchika with wires and connected to the power supply.
How to make tattoo machine at home
Useful tips:
To make a tattoo machine at homewith only need 15 – 20 minutes. Before using, need to adjust it in order for the string was tensioned correctly and not beat anywhere. You also need to choose a power supply with adjustable power so you can reduce or increase the speed of the tool.
How to make tattoo machine at home

Advice 2 : How to make homemade tattoo machine

The drawings on the skin - tattooIruka - more than 4000 years. In the 50-60-ies of the last century, the burst of the youth culture of America and Europe has led to the emergence of a new generation of tattooists. If you have decided on getting a tattoo, come to this point, is very responsible. First, this picture will accompany you throughout life. Second, the application of a tattoo at home and not sterilized instrument can lead to skin inflammation, blood poisoning, hepatitis and AIDS.
How to make homemade tattoo machine
You will need
  • helium handle with rod, mechanical pencil with clip, guitar string, motor player with plastic roller, wires, power pack, gear and bushing from the tape, plastic pipe, file, pliers
Take a gel pen and remove it from the rod.
Squeeze the bulb from the stem.
Take a guitar string and try to paste into the resulting hole. If the string does not pass - gently grind the rounded part of the shaft with a file.
Shorten the barrel to about half.
Take a string and roughly mark the required length (length of the string must match the length of the rod handle). Tighten the string and bring the lit lighter to the planned place. The string should be heated red-hot and burst.
Calcined piece of string, which you are going to use and flatten it.
Carefully veverite the required length and "bite" of the pliers.
Carefully sharpen one end of the string on a whetstone - this will be the needle. The shape of the tip of the needle can be both flat and conical. Slightly bend the needle on the end - this will facilitate fine lines.
The second end of the string to be attached to the engine, bend at an angle of 90 degrees.
Insert the string in the rod, and the rod in the handle body.
Make a small hole in the spout of the handle. This hole will accumulate mascara.
Attach the engine using a clip from a mechanical pencil, and some tape. Thanks to this flexible mount you can adjust the position of the string needle.
Make a hole in the shaft of the engine with the hot needle. The hole diameter should not be too large, otherwise the needle will fall out.
Regulate the working of the machine. The depth of a complete withdrawal of the needle should be 1-1,5 mm.
When tattooing all items homemade machines should be disposable. Failure to do so can lead to various infections and diseases.
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