According to the operating principle of distinction induction, rotary and pneumatic models of tattoo machines. Inductive devices are driven with a magnet and have a complex device. The quality of the machine depends on the materials from which it is made, the geometry of the frame, isolation of contacts, coils, cores and springs. Is the manufacturer to save on any of the above, and useful tool the machine will be the instrument of torture. The quality of the induction machine is characterized by minimum error and the ability to adjust the amplitude of the oscillations of the needle.
Rotary device driven by the motor, therefore, when choosing such a device pay attention on the engine and its specifications. These machines are ideal for the application of permanent makeup and intense staining of individual sections. The device operates almost silently.
Pneumatic tattoo machine — the most advanced: they are lightweight and runs quietly. In Russia it is still difficult to buy quality pneumatic device, not to mention the service of such unit.
In order to make high-quality tattoos, you need two types of cars: shadow and contour — from their name followed by assignment of devices. Some manufacturers produce universal models. If you manage to choose a quality appliance, you can save and use them in their work.
The manufacturer is important, but it is much more important to check reviews on specific models, and compare specifications. Advantage popular brands is the presence of own service centers, compatible equipment and consumables.
In the study of the technical characteristics of note such factors as power and work machines at different rpm. No less important is the departure of the needle, causing insertion depth, and speed, that is, the number of punctures per unit of time. Well, if the possibility to adjust departure and the amplitude of the oscillation of the needle. The presence of pedals and an electronic display for easier operation with the machine, because it frees the hands of the wizard and allows you to monitor the operation of the device.
If your salon is scheduled to enter service in permanent makeup, you should choose a machine. Traditional devices are fast, but they are designed to pierce the thick skin, and to work on the face requires a delicate touch. Machine for tattooing has a thin needle and limiters to control the departure of the needle. Due to such a configuration, the client experiences less discomfort.