Before starting artificial pollination, look at the whips of the plant female and male flowers. It is very simple: at the base of the female flower there is a small kind of cucumber, in a male it does not. Remove the whisk from the male flower and touch the back of the hand to check whether the pollen is poured.
After that, you can begin pollination, in turn, touching stamens to pistils. After the procedure tear one petal from the female flowers to mark that they are already opylene. Now you just have to wait and watch the plants. Upon successful pollination, the ovary of the fertilized flower gradually begin to increase. If the flower is not fertilized, the ovary will turn yellow and fall off.
There is another method of manual pollination. Take a soft brush and apply the pollen on the female flower, first touching the stamens, and then to the stigmas. In conclusion, pollination, cover the flowers with paper caps or pieces of cotton wool. Can also hang on the lash to bright ribbon or label with the details on her grade and date of pollination. This is to ensure that when you harvest you do not accidentally disrupt the fetus. After that delete all bloomed and withered female flowers in the node and two nodes above and below opisannogo. After a few days check increased if the ovary and, if so, remove with the colors of insulators.
For pollination of cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, place it in the bee family. As distillation greenhouse cucumbers begins with the end of winter, it must be done in early spring so the bees made cleansing flight. To start, place the bees into an empty heated greenhouse for the flight, and the beginning of flowering move them to the plants.
Put the hive on a stand with a height of 40 cm near the side walls of the greenhouse opposite the entrance track. The place must be well lit in the morning. Glass, located behind the hive, dim with plywood. In the warm whiten them with chalk. As soon as the blossoming melliferous plants give the bees the opportunity to fly out of the greenhouse. Make the roof a small window, and the glass around it will whiten with chalk. This will help the bees to better navigate.
When warm weather, on one of the exterior walls of a greenhouse do a small round hole. Move the hive and put it to the wall so that the hole coincide with the hole. Since bees can fly in the greenhouse. Some of them will pollinate the cucumbers, and the rest will fly out and gather pollen from honey plants.